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Orientation Day 2: Alumni Give the Best Advice

Newhouse in NYC students got the opportunity to meet and hear from some incredible Newhouse alumni on the second day of orientation.

First up, students had breakfast with the professors for the fall semester: Po Yi (Communications Law for Advertising and PR) and Danyel Smith (Race, Gender and the Media). Then they got the best tips and tricks about living in the city at the “Becoming a New Yorker” panel with Jonathan Chan (Communications Planner at MediaCom), Chelsea Vena (Promo Scheduling Coordinator at NBC Universal), Megan Hess (Assistant Editor at Mashable), Naomi Ratner (Account Director at Relevent), Molly Gallagher (Associate Editor at Well+ Good) and Ben Asher (Creative and Production Manager at Lifetime). The alumni were extremely generous with their time, and many stayed after to continue talking with the students.

IMG_7122 IMG_7121

Finally, the students met their mentors during lunch. Each semester, students will be paired with Newhouse alumni working in their field. The mentor will meet with the students at least two or three times during the semester to give them advice and make sure they are adjusting to the city.


Thank you to the mentors for this fall:
Belma McCaffrey, Business Development, AP (PR ’05)
Allyssa Kaiser, Account Executive, MRY (ADV ‘13)
Abby Cuffey, Health Director, Woman’s Day (MAG ‘07)
Jon Erwin, Digital Video Manager, SyFy (BDJ, ’10)
Alexandra Sturm, Manager, Hearst Magazines PR (PR ‘11)
Michelle Cohen, Manager Communications and Employee Relations, Macy’s (PR ‘08)
Megan Corbet, Assistant Account Executive, Edelman (PR ‘13) [not photographed]

To see all the photos from orientation, visit the Newhouse in NYC Facebook page. And please follow us on Twitter and Instagram (both @NewhouseNYC) for up-to-the-minute posts on what’s happening this semester!

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