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Newhouse in NYC Meets: Alie Martell and Elisa Benson of

On Tuesday night, Newhouse in NYC students in the Social Platforms, Processes and Perspectives class were lucky enough to get a visit from‘s Alie Martell and Elisa Benson to learn the best tips and tricks for making content go viral. Martell,‘s managing editor and 2008 Newhouse magazine alumna, and Benson,‘s Senior Community Manager, discussed the major differences between using social media for personal use versus professional. They also talked about how they approach each social platform in a different way to target unique readers and infuse emotion into every post. Benson’s social pet-peeve? When people constantly use “we” instead of talking directly to the user. “I always ask myself, ‘How would I Gchat that to a friend?’ to make sure it’s something I’d actually want to share.”

Martell and Benson also discussed the recent controversy surrounding #CosmoVotes, the brand’s new initiative to endorse candidates every Tuesday until Election Day on November 4. “The worst thing you can be on social media is boring,” Benson said. “The ‘neutral brand’ is dead—you need to take a side.”

It was inspiring to hear from two incredibly accomplished, successful women who are so passionate about their jobs. And of course, we couldn’t let Alie and Elisa go without taking a #selfie. Thanks for coming and for sharing such insightful social media wisdom with us!


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