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Newhouse Alumni Tips: How to Be the Best Intern Ever

One month down, three more to go! Now that the students have been interning for a few weeks, accomplished Newhouse alumni came to the Fisher Center for Monday night’s Internship class to give their best tips for making the best impression at work. Their pep talk was just what the students needed to focus on for their second month on the job.

Annemarie Norris (SVP Group Director, Behavioral Planning at BBDO), Jessica Prince (Senior Beauty Editor at Harper’s Bazaar), Michelle Schwartz (Senior Account Executive at Rogers & Cowan PR) and David Heydt (Owner/Executive Producer of Hastings Road Productions) told the students how to stand out at work and what tasks to do if they ever have any “down time.” They also talked about the art of crafting the perfect work email (use salutations—no one will fault you for being formal) and how to request informational interviews without being overbearing.


After the panel, the alumni split up and met with people in their major for more specific, one-on-one feedback. It was such an honor to get to hear from all of them, so thank you for taking the time to meet!


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