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Find Out What it’s Like to be a Newhouse NYC Student


Photo composite by Lydia Chen

On this Thursday and Friday (October 9 and 10), Newhouse NYC students are taking over the @NewhouseNYC Twitter handle to give you a behind-the-scenes look of what their days are like in New York City this semester.

This Thursday, TRF senior Drew Muckell will post about his life in NYC and as an intern at “The Colbert Report.” And on Friday, ADV junior and Young & Rubicam intern Leah Greene will live-tweet some exciting opportunities she’s taking advantage of: a tour of Food Network and a lecture at MRY.

Follow along all day on Thursday and Friday, and if you have any questions about Newhouse NYC, ask them! Just tweet your Q at the @NewhouseNYC handle.

And so you get to know them a bit before they start tweeting, here’s a crash course on Drew and Leah:

NAME: Andrew Muckell
YEAR: Senior (Spring ’15)
MAJOR: TV-Radio-Film
INTERNSHIP: The Colbert Report
FROM: West Nyack, NY
BEST PART OF NYC SO FAR: The NYC-based Newhouse alumni.
FAVORITE NEWHOUSE NYC SPEAKER SO FAR AND WHY: David Young (TRF ’05), writer for “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.” It was great to pick his brain about the TV industry and how to best launch my writing career.

NAME: Leah Greene
YEAR: Junior (Spring ’16)
MAJOR: Advertising
INTERNSHIP: Account Management and Social Media Intern at Young & Rubicam (Land Rover team)
FROM: Newton, MA
BEST PART OF NYC SO FAR: Visiting different companies (Twitter, ViceGawker, InStyle, etc.), experiencing the company culture, and learning from the interesting people who work there.
MOST DELICIOUS THING I’VE EATEN IN NYC: Everything here is delicious! Gluten-Free Sausage Pizza from Keste (the first stop on the Newhouse NYC orientation pizza tour) was the best gluten-free pizza I’ve ever had because it was SO fluffy. I walked around with the box all day just to save leftovers.
FAVORITE NEWHOUSE NYC SPEAKER SO FAR AND WHY: Do I really have to pick just one? Callie Schweitzer provided so much advice about seeking out jobs, staying true to your company’s brand voice, establishing your own personal brand/personality on social media, and living and working in NYC. She was interesting, helpful, and most of all, tweetable!

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