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Newhouse Alumni Give the Best Networking Advice

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On Monday night, the Newhouse NYC students learned all about the art of networking from some amazing Newhouse alumni. Samantha Hayden (marketing manager at Expion), David Young (writer for “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon“), Kate Law (associate copywriter for Kate Spade New York) and Andrea Wangsanata (senior account executive at Edelman) shared their best strategies for meeting new people in the industry and standing out in such a competitive space.

Here are some of the most quote-worthy pieces of networking and career advice–a bit too long for a tweet, but so worth the additional characters:

“Get to know everyone on your floor, and be friendly. You are doing yourself a disservice if you just talk with your boss. You want to be the person they remember and say, ‘We liked her. I remember her. Bring her back to work here.'” –Kate Law (MAG, ’09)

“Stay focused on your path. It’s easy to be a bit jealous when you hear about your friends getting jobs, but use your friends’ successes as inspiration.” –David Young (TRF ’05)

“While you’re in NYC, do as many agency visits as you can. It’ll give you a quick feel of the office culture.” –Samantha Hayden (ADV ’11)

“Enjoy New York. Find free things to do. Look up free concerts. We’re all idea generators, so when you meet someone new, you want to talk about things outside of work.” –Andrea Wangsanata (PR ’11)

Samantha, Kate, David and Andrea met with the students one-on-one after the panel and were extremely generous with their time. Thank you, thank you!

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