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Newhouse in NYC Meets: Zoë Marcus of The Today Show


Last night, students in the Social Platforms, Processes and Perspectives heard from Zoë Marcus, digital strategy producer at The Today Show. Zoë produces segments on various topics and helps coordinate digital content for the show on social media platforms. She worked her way up from intern to producer at The Today Show, so she talked about her career trajectory and how it’s changed over the last 10 years. Most notably, she discussed how social media has been such a big part of her evolution at the show. Zoë was one of the first people to live-tweet the broadcast back in 2009, and she’s been involved with the social strategy ever since. She walked the students through an “average” day for her at the job explaining how she meets with producers at the show and with the editors at, so she truly tries to be the bridge between the broadcast and digital sides.

Last year, Zoë worked with the producers to launch the Orange Room, the social media set on the show that just celebrated its one-year anniversary. She’s so proud of how people will use the #OrangeRoom hashtag without being prompted. It’s just become part of everyday conversation for the viewers which is impressive to have happen in such a short amount of time.

And of course, we had to ask about her favorite celebrity sightings because The Today Show has such an impressive roster of people coming in and out of the studio. On her list: Bill Murray, Neil Patrick Harris and one of the biggest social names in the business: Mark Zuckerberg. Talk about job envy! Thanks, Zoë, for coming and sharing your best career advice and social media tips!

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