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Newhouse NYC Meets: Andrea Lavinthal of PEOPLE


On Tuesday, November 18, students in the Social Platforms, Processes and Perspectives class got to meet Andrea Lavinthal, the Style & Beauty Director at PEOPLE magazine. Andrea, a Twitter superstar herself, talked to the students about creating their own personal brand on social media.

One of her pieces of advice? Find your niche and find something you like to talk about, and you will find other similar people on Twitter who want to join the conversation with you.

In addition to hilariously live-tweeting shows like The Bachelor and Scandal on her personal Twitter account, Andrea also live-tweets shows from the official PEOPLE magazine account, and she emphasized the difference between the two. “Tweeting for a brand’s audience is terrifying,” she said. “You don’t always know how far to push it on Twitter until you’ve pushed it too far.” When she live-tweets The Bachelor, Andrea said she has two windows open—one with her personal Twitter and one with PEOPLE’s Twitter. “Sometimes I’ll tweet the same thing on both, but sometimes I will do a toned down version of the tweet on PEOPLE,” she said.

The Newhouse NYC students loved getting to meet such a successful Newhouse alumna (and a hilarious one!). Andrea kept everyone laughing and gave the students some invaluable advice from a true public figure in social media. Thank you for visiting, Andrea!

Kaitlyn Frey, junior magazine student and intern

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