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My 5 Absolute Favorite Parts of Spending My Semester In NYC


Junior magazine major and intern Kaitlyn Frey reflects on her semester as a Newhouse NYC student and shares her “5 Absolute Favorite Parts of Spending Her Semester In NYC.”

5. Taking advantage of the amazing NYC shopping. As a serial shopper, living in New York City is both a pro and a con. Wherever you turn, there are so many amazing stores to shop in. It’s easy to overspend! But I luckily found tons of shopping options for college students who are obsessed with shopping—and are on a budget. Buffalo Exchange is a secondhand chain with multiple locations in the city, where I found steals like $30 JBrand jeans and $30 BCBG top. Not to mention all of the other secondhand designer thrift stores, flea markets and sample sales throughout the city. It’s heaven!

4. Playing with puppies at Citipups. Anyone who followed the @NewhouseNYC Twitter account this semester learned how obsessed I am with puppies. I fulfilled my puppy needs at Citipups, a well-known pet store that has sold dogs to celebs like Kendall Jenner and Leonardo DiCaprio. Anyone can walk in at anytime and play with the puppies, which is a great stress reliever after a long week. I became friends with the employees after visiting so often, and they told me if I came often enough, I would run into a celebrity! Unfortunately, that hasn’t happened yet—but that doesn’t mean it won’t for other Newhouse NYC students that stop by!

3. Going to Chelsea Market multiple times to try all the food. In total, throughout the semester, I probably visited Chelsea Market at least six times. And that wasn’t enough. When anyone walks into Chelsea Market, his or her mouth will immediately begin watering. From authentic Mexican tacos to kale salad, there’s something for everyone here. It’s a NYC must-visit.

2. Getting a special tour of the PEOPLE Magazine office with Andrea Lavinthal. This semester, I did a Twitterview with PEOPLE’s Style & Beauty Director and Newhouse alumna Andrea Lavinthal. I have been following Andrea on Twitter for so long and was obsessed with her. I immediately knew I had to choose her for my Twitterview assignment. After our Twitterview, Andrea and I kept in touch, and she invited me to visit the PEOPLE office. I was lucky enough to get a tour of the office, meet her style team, sit in on a weekly style meeting, go to lunch and even take some beauty goodies from the closet! Getting the chance to get to know Andrea—as well as so many other incredible Newhouse alumni—will always be one of the highlights of my semester.

1. Interning at Yeah, it’s a lame cliché, but was always my dream internship. I had such high expectations coming into it, and all of those expectations have been exceeded. I had the coolest and most fun internship I could have ever imagined, where it was totally acceptable to type “boobs” or “Zac Efron abs” into Getty Images every day. I’ve always been a Cosmo girl at heart. So although I had to leave Cosmo, Cosmo will surely never leave me.

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