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My NYC Diary: Exploring the City One Day at a Time

Broadcast and Digital Journalism junior Nicole Acevedo shares some of her highlights from her first few weeks in NYC.

Exactly three weeks ago, I arrived in New York City. When I first moved in, my priority was to figure out where to go grocery shopping, eat at some delicious restaurants and learn how to get around on the subway without getting lost. The following week we classes started, and the week after that I began my internship at MSNBC. I needed to step up to my new responsibilities as a student and as an intern while getting used to this fast-paced city that never sleeps.

Even though I haven’t memorized the subway lines yet, I’m getting there, and I’ve been balancing my responsibilities while exploring NYC. Here are some of the memorable things I’ve done during my first month in the city, and hopefully you can do them too on your next visit to NYC.

Eating burgers at Shake Shack: Even the vegetarian options are delicious (hello, ‘shroom burger)!shake shack

Chelsea Market: Go hungry and with good company! The best way to enjoy this place is by trying various dishes at different food shops and sharing it with friends so you can taste many things. I’m a Mexican food lover, so I would recommend Takumi Taco which specializes in Japanese-inspired Mexican street food. That’s my burrito bowl below!


The Museum of Modern Art (MoMa): There’s free admission to the museum every Friday from 4-8pm which includes the special exhibits (I saw the Henri Matisse exhibit) . You can’t buy tickets in advance, so arrive early to get the most out of your experience.


The Brooklyn Bridge: On a sunny day, there’s nothing more beautiful than visiting the Brooklyn Bridge. It’s nice to stop for a few minutes after being on-the-go all day, and this is a perfect place to do it.


Brunch at 121 Fulton StreetI quickly learned that NYC has a lot of places to eat good food, but not necessarily to sit down with a group of friends to eat and chat. This is a great place to do so, and the banana French toast was delicious (proof below)!

french toast

9/11 Memorial and MuseumEven though the history behind this monument is sad, it’s a beautiful memorial to commemorate the lives of those who were lost. The museum is next to the monument, and you can present your student ID at the box office to get discounted tickets, or go on Tuesday afternoons for free admission. Besides seeing remains of the World Trade Center, the victims of the attack are showcased in interactive exhibitions. It gives you a good sense about what happened that day and how it has marked the city’s history. One of the most interesting parts of the museum is an interactive exhibition dedicated to the media coverage. For communications students, it’s helpful to acknowledge how the content we create impacts the rest of the world.

memorial museum

I look forward to sharing more of my experiences (and my photos) throughout the semester. Thanks for following along.


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