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The Five Best Tips We Learned from Mark Luckie at Twitter

One of the coolest parts of the Newhouse NYC program is when we get to meet the movers and shakers in the industry and visit offices of the most influential media companies right now. On Thursday, February 12, students from the Social Media class visited the Twitter NYC office and heard from Mark Luckie, Manager of Journalism & News at the platform. Mark answered every single question we had (and we had a lot!) and also made sure to introduce us to Mindy Diamond and Adam Schatz, two Newhouse alumni working at the Twitter office. And he even let us raid the amazing Twitter pantry (think: every imaginable soft drink and snack) and even spoiled us with personalized Twitter Ladurée macarons. There wasn’t a single treat left!

Thankfully, for all of you who couldn’t be there with us, my classmate Sam Grodsky took over the @NewhouseNYC Twitter account and live-tweeted the best insights from our class with Mark and our experience at Twitter. We all plan to incorporate these suggestions into our personal handles as well as communicate these tips to our internship supervisors:

Make sure to follow @NewhouseNYC so you can catch our next live tweeting events and Twitterviews! And a huge thank you to Mark Luckie for spending so much time with us and sharing your expertise.

Nicole Acevedo, junior BDJ major and Newhouse NYC student

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