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My NYC Diary: Exploring NYC One Day (and Bite!) at a Time

As I continue working at my internship and taking classes, I always make sure to take some “me” time to explore the city. Even though I’m pretty confident riding the subway and I pretty much know how to get around Midtown after a month of living here, I still need some more experience with the non-grid-like streets of Manhattan.

I realized this after visiting Chinatown.


Chinatown is huge and the streets are like a maze–nothing like Midtown Manhattan! That was my biggest issue with navigating Chinatown. I got lost for about 30 minutes looking for a specific place to meet my friend for dumplings, but it was the perfect place to wander around until I found the address because it’s such a lively area. Since people are celebrating the Chinese New Year, there is a lot of music and parades. I would definitely recommend visiting Chinatown during this time.

And as I was walking around Chinatown, I stumbled across Little Italy–and I’ve been meaning to make the trip there. So never be afraid of getting lost around the city. Chances are you will find some really cool places while you figure out where you are going!


After all that walking, I wanted to treat myself to something sweet. At Spot Dessert Bar on St. Mark’s Place, you have the option of having one dessert or ordering tapas. My foodie advice? Definitely choose the tapas because it’s worth it. All of the desserts I tried that day were delicious, but my favorite one was the Golden Toast (below).


There are a lot of great food places around this area, so this is definitely a must-explore part of NYC.

Another must-see NYC area is, hands down, Times Square. Sure, it’s touristy, but it’s also kind of magical. After spending a night wandering around Times Square, I realized how much I’ve started to love this city.


Stay on the lookout for more stories and photos about my days exploring NYC! Thanks for following along.

–Photos and post by BDJ junior Nicole Acevedo

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