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Newhouse NYC Students Live-Tweeting this Week: Get Ready for the Rockettes!

On this Friday and Monday, two Newhouse NYC students will take over the @NewhouseNYC Twitter handle to give you a behind-the-scenes look of what their days are like in NYC this semester. On Friday, March 20, BDJ junior Nicole Acevedo will show you what it’s like to have a “day off” during the week. Nicole interns at MSNBC’s The Rundown with Jose Diaz-Balart, but she’s off on Mondays and Fridays, so she gets to enjoy the city when everyone else is working. And spoiler alert: Nicole is doing one of the most quintessential NYC activities ever: the Rockettes (the Spring Spectacular)! So get ready for some great dancing shots.

And on Monday, March 23, ADV junior and Modell’s marketing intern Dan Colantonio will show you what a typical weekday is like for a Newhouse NYC student who commutes. So get ready for lots of LIRR selfies. Plus, Dan is also doing his #MentorMonday Twitterview on Monday at 4pm EST for the social media class, so it’ll be a busy day for him!

Follow along both days, and if you have any questions about Newhouse NYC, ask them! Just tweet your Q at the @NewhouseNYC handle.

And so you get to know them a bit before they start tweeting, here’s a crash course on Nicole and Dan:


NAME: Nicole Acevedo
YEAR: Junior
MAJOR: Broadcast and Digital Journalism
INTERNSHIP: News Production Intern at MSNBC’s The Rundown with Jose Diaz-Balart
FROM: San Juan, Puerto Rico
FAVORITE NEWHOUSE NYC SPEAKER SO FAR AND WHY: Mark Luckie from Twitter​. Before hearing Mark speak, I wasn’t a huge fan of Twitter. After it, I realized I could use this tool as another platform to cover news, instead of just posting random stuff about my day.

Modell's Picture

NAME: Dan Colantonio
YEAR: Junior
MAJOR: Advertising
INTERNSHIP: Modell’s Sporting Goods
FROM: Garden City, New York (Long Island)
BEST PART OF NYC SO FAR: The best part so far is listening to great panelists and speakers that provide us with information that I would not have learned at this age unless I did the Newhouse NYC program. The ability to have access to such a caring alumni base really makes the program worth it. Newhouse alumni who work in NYC are willing to go out of their way to help you and want to see you thrive and succeed in your future career.
MOST DELICIOUS THING I’VE EATEN IN NYC: Best Bagel and Coffee on 35th in between 7th and 6th
FAVORITE NEWHOUSE NYC SPEAKER SO FAR AND WHY:​ Doug Melville, the Chief Diversity Officer at TBWA. For our first field trip for COM 346, Race, Gender and the Media, we went to TBWA’s office to speak to Syracuse alumus Doug Melville. Mr. Melville took us on a tour of the agency and gave us a presentation on what he does at TBWA and the power of advertising. The trip was an amazing experience and cemented that I want a career in advertising.

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