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Newhouse Alumnus and LIN Mobile CEO Kevin Wassong Shares Career Advice


On Monday we held a #MentorMonday Twitterview with Newhouse alumnus Kevin Wassong, and we wanted to make sure to share his incredible advice in case you didn’t have the chance to follow along. After graduating from Newhouse in 1990 with a degree in Television, Radio & Film, Mr. Wassong started working in advertising. He founded the first digital division of the venerable J. Walter Thompson advertising agency in 1998 and then worked in digital marketing and media as a board member of for six years. Mr. Wassong won an Emmy award for his work with “Hoofy & Boo’s World in Review New Approaches to Business and Financial Reporting” (see the photo below!) and helped launch Fox Business. Now, he is the CEO of LIN Mobile, LLC, earning a top 100 media company rank by AdAge. Mr. Wassong shared valuable insights about succeeding in the real world and how land a job after graduation. We were so grateful to hear his words of wisdom and inspirational advice.

Thank you to everyone who followed the conversation! If didn’t have the chance to tune in, here is a recap of our conversation below:

-Advertising students Lu Qiao and Dan Colantino

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