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Newhouse NYC Meets: The Creative Team at DigitasLBi


On March 17th, Laura Kelley, copywriter at DigitasLBi, and Matt Clifton, art director at DigitasLBi, gave one of my favorite presentations this semester in the social media class. As a fan of digital branding, I knew I was in for a treat because DigitasLBi—a global marketing and technology agency—handles high-profile clients like American Express, Taco Bell and Delta. Mr. Clifton and Ms. Kelley talked about their career trajectory, and shared how they started working on social media advertising campaigns.

In advertising, both art directors and copywriters have different job responsibilities, but they need to work together to create what people see in ads. I learned that like traditional ads, social copy (like tweets and Facebook posts) go through the same process of concepting, creative approval, rewriting, proofing and legal  review. Matt has worked with multiple brands on social media, but he said the final steps—brand and legal review—is the toughest because you can do all the work and have it be for nothing with just a simple “No.” As an example they both told us their experiences with various brands (unfortunately some details they couldn’t disclose), but a few times the legal team or the company said no to an idea, and they had to change their focus.

At a previous company, Matt launched the Denny’s Tumblr, a favorite brand of mine to follow on social media. He showcased the work that went behind taking America’s 24/7 diner into a fun brand on social media. Matt told us the creative team had to go to Denny’s and experience it firsthand to help with inspiration for the page, which is something not many New Yorkers have had the chance to do. I’m a huge fan of using gifs, so I appreciated Matt’s experience with creating gifs and viral photos. He has so much experience creating content for brands that users will love sharing.

Matt and Laura’s work demonstrates how you can take any brand and with the right research and knowledge turn it into a fun brand that gets people talking.

Dan Colantonio, junior advertising major and Modell’s marketing intern

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