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The Most “New York” Thing I’ve Done So Far: The Rockettes Spring Show!

The Radio City Rockettes are known for their eye-high leg kicks in perfect unison in a chorus line.  When most people think about The Rockettes, they immediately think about The Christmas Spectacular. I guess it makes sense since The Rockettes perform that show at least five times a day, seven days a week during the holiday season.

Since I won’t be in NYC during Christmas, I decided to join 5,999 other New Yorkers and tourists on the first day of spring to watch The Radio City Rockettes’ Spring Spectacular.

Living in NYC can be overwhelming at times with the slow weekend subway schedules and trying to get to your destination during rush hour, so I needed a little push to remind me that there’s no place like this city and that’s exactly what the Spring Spectacular gave me.

Even though 8.406 million people live in NYC, millions of others wish they did or dream about it! And this show reminded me of just that. Of course I enjoyed the beautiful dancers and the production value, but it also showed me why I decided to call NYC my home for the past three months and why I decided to stay for the summer…and that I’m one of those lucky 8.406 million people who get to live in this city.

Nicole Acevedo, junior BDJ major

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