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5 Outrageous Things I Did During My Semester in NYC

It’s hard to believe the spring semester of Newhouse NYC is over. We asked the students to reflect on their time in NYC, and here is what rising PR senior and Relevent intern Juliette Saffer had to share about her experience in the Big Apple.

The 5 Most Outrageous Things I Did During My Semester in NYC:

Go on my first business trip
This was something I never could have predicted doing my junior year of college. I felt so grown up, but it still was so much fun. I love to travel, so getting to work in Miami in the middle of winter was more than I could have wished for. I got to help put together the Victoria’s Secret PINK Spring Break Party and can now confidently say after blowing up more than 1,000 pink pool toys, that I am an expert with industrial air pumps…except when it pulled my hair out.

Attend Coachella
This was another incredible business trip I got to go on. I loved helping put together my company’s activation and see it through from start to finish. I’d never been to Coachella before, and even though I was working, I got to attend performances after hours.


Visit the Twitter and YouTube Offices
Visiting the offices of these companies was so cool because they’re platforms I personally use every day. I got to learn what makes a great Tweet, which is something school doesn’t necessarily teach, but in reality is so important in the communications industry. At YouTube I got to see studios where some of my favorite YouTube stars have made videos. Both offices had great snacks too!

Twitter YouTube

Share a dressing room with 50 girls
You can no longer be self-conscious when Free People dresses are selling for $20 each at a sample sale.

Walk past celebrities without noticing
Celebrities are all over NYC, and everybody is just “used to it.” I’ve always been the type of person to get incredibly star struck, but the other day I walked by Rose Byrne who stars in one of my favorite movies, Neighbors, looked at her and didn’t even notice.  She was going about her day like anybody else. It wasn’t until I got into the elevator and people were talking about it that I realized and was mad at myself for not taking a better look!

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