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Newhouse NYC Student Alex Parducci Shares Her Guide to the Upper East Side

It’s hard to believe the spring semester of Newhouse NYC is over. We asked the students to reflect on their time in NYC, and here is what rising ADV senior and Y&R intern Alex Parducci had to share about her experience living in the dorm on the UES (Upper East Side).


Before participating in Newhouse NYC, my experience with the “Big Apple” was relatively limited. Aside from a few short trips in elementary and high school, I hadn’t spent longer than three consecutive weeks in the city. I’ll admit, at first the transition was difficult; you could imagine my surprise at the fast-paced New York lifestyle. After finding a routine, however, I can honestly say that I’ve found a home away from home.

Now that I consider myself to be a New Yorker (not really), I have decided that it’s my civic duty to impart some serious wisdom. Unfortunately, I do not have the time to share a lifetime of knowledge. I do, however, want to do my part in making things a little easier for those potential and future Newhouse NYC students looking to stay in the student housing on the UES. Below are a few of my favorite places that I think you guys will love. Enjoy!

Firstly, and arguably most importantly, we must discuss the food. Though the UES isn’t known for its cuisine, with the help of some of my fellow Newhouse students, I’ve managed to uncover several gems.

The Uptown Restaurant (1573 3rd Ave)
For all you brunch lovers out there, this lovely bar and lounge comes equipped with outdoor seating for warm summer days and breakfast dishes that will make your mouth water.
What to order: Banana Stuffed French Toast

Naruto Ramen (1596 3rd Ave)
Though you will most likely have to wait in line to sit down at this 14-seater Japanese-inspired restaurant, believe me when I tell you, it’s worth the wait. The friendly wait staff and speedy service won’t leave you disappointed.
What to order: Pork Fried Rice.

Sarabeth’s (1295 Madison Ave)
Steak, lobster, ravioli, oh my! For the lovebirds out there who aren’t afraid to spend a buck, this upscale restaurant chain offers delicious American comfort food and a quiet and cozy atmosphere.
What to order: Atlantic Salmon

Bonjour Crepes & Wine (1586 2nd Ave)
Need I say more?
What to order: My personal favorite, a Nutella and strawberry crepe

Happy Hour Deals
Pil Pil (265 E 78th St)
For all the 21-year-olds out there, this Spanish tapas and wine bar is sure to take the stress off a hard day’s work.
What to order: Red Sangria

Though there are a million and one things to do in the city, I often find myself choosing to explore the neighborhood we live in. Here is a list of some of my favorite ways to spend my weekends.

AMC Loews Orpheum 7 (1538 3rd Ave)
Call me cliché, but this California girl loves her movies. The theater is located right next to IT’SUGAR, the world’s greatest candy store, and is perfect for a causal date or a relaxing night out on the town. P.S. If you buy your tickets through EHS, it only costs $8.

Barnes & Noble (150 E 86th St)
I don’t know about you guys, but I have a difficult time doing homework in my room. Places like Barnes & Noble combine the quiet atmosphere of your average library with the sweet aroma of Starbucks coffee. Hungry? This Barnes & Noble location is conveniently located next to the famous, Shake Shack.

92y (1395 Lexington Ave)
This non-profit Jewish community center hosts a variety of exciting talks, classes and events; they have a walk-around chocolate tasting called “Chocolate Fest”, how amazing does that sound? Past notable speakers include: actor, Jason Biggs, and actresses, Elizabeth Moss and Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Tickets are available to the public and can be purchased online at,

Thais Clothing Co. (144 E 86th St.)
While you can find large department stores in the Upper East Side, I’ve always been a “boutique shopper” myself. Thais is one of my more recent discoveries. Think Forever 21 mixed with Papaya. This reasonably priced clothing store comes fully stocked with statement necklaces, scarves and cute summer apparel. You’re welcome.

Goodwill (1704 2nd Ave)
Once a thrift shopper, always a thrift shopper. I have been to quite a few thrift stores in my short 21 years of life. While I wouldn’t say that I’m an expert on all things thrift shopping, I’ve spent a fair share of time digging through endless racks of clothes all in search for that “diamond in the rough”. Even though the Upper East Side has a decent collection of thrift and designer resale shops, I know I can always count on Goodwill.

Whether or not you decide to try out any of my recommendations, is completely up to you! The most important thing I’ve learned from spending the past three months in the city, is that no matter where you’re from, NYC has something to offer everyone.

Peace, love, puppies,
Alex Parducci

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