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How Newhouse NYC Students Spend Their Weekends in the City

leah labor day blog

While most of New York City heads out of town for Labor Day Weekend, a handful of us decided to stay here and take advantage of the beautiful weather and smaller crowds.

On Saturday, we walked through Central Park, across the Upper West Side and made our way over to the Hudson River, where the Manhattan Community Boathouse offers free kayaking throughout the summer and early fall months. It was a great way to get outside, soak up some sunshine and see the city from a new perspective. I’ll definitely be back before they close for the season in October.

Sunday brought more warm weather, so we decided to venture over to Carl Schurz Park, a hidden gem of the Upper East Side. Whether you want to go for a walk, unwind on a bench overlooking the East River, read in the gardens or hang out on one of the park’s many lawns, Carl Schurz park has something for everyone.

Lastly, I couldn’t let another weekend slip by without trying my first classic, New York-style bagel, so Jackie Pereira and I decided to spend our Monday morning at Bagel Bob’s on York Avenue. The praise for New York bagels is well deserved, and I learned that just a schmear of cream cheese is enough for me!

Other fun things to try on the weekends:
• Cultural festivals and events: Dana Froome and Olivia Klayman spent the day at the West Indian American Day Parade, drinking smoothies out of pineapples! Little Italy’s San Gennaro festival (or “annual feast,” as they like to call it) starts on Thursday, September 10 and lasts through September 20—you know where to find me those days.
• Broadway shows: Natasha del Amo woke up early on her Labor Day to get rush tickets for Mamma Mia! before it leaves the stage. Rush tickets are a great way to see shows for a more affordable price!
• Explore! You can’t go wrong using your free time on the weekend to hit the streets and see what you may find.

Leah Fagen, Newhouse NYC student and junior PR major

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