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What It’s like to Intern at a PR Agency

Liesel 2
Public relations has so many possible avenues to follow. You can pursue government, sports, corporate, fashion, non-profit and more plus work in-house or for an agency. In my previous internship at Make-A-Wish CNY, I worked in a small office with a few employees under one supervisor. It was a great hands-on experience, and I was extremely involved. I was able to write, design, approach media and even develop a few campaign and event ideas.

When I came to NYC, I was unsure I wanted to apply to a PR agency because I liked working with a small team, and I liked being able to immerse myself in one brand. I was given some guidance by Newhouse alumna Emily Parker that working in agency provides immeasurable experience, so I should try it. Well, I’ve been at Quinn PR for one month, and I’ve never been more appreciative of someone’s advice.

Quinn PR is a midsize luxury lifestyle agency that depends on creative strategy, storytelling, and nurturing relationships. Here I have been able to grow as a publicist, a student, and a coworker. I was right in my assumption that it would be difficult dealing with more than one company, especially since I have had to learn the ins and outs of six clients so far. This made the first few weeks move quite slowly, but now that I know what I am doing I know I made the right choice. The perks of multiple mentors and multiple clients with different needs fully outweigh these struggles.

1. With about 40 public relations professionals in one office I am able to learn skills from the best of the best. Everyone has a different approach that works for them. By working under multiple people I am able to test these strategies and determine what fits me best.

2. There is always a task for me to take on since Quinn represents hundreds of clients. So far I have been able to sit in on client meetings, participate in brainstorming sessions, pitch reporters, work with social media, write press releases, bios and more.

3. Lastly, by becoming acquainted with so many people in the industry, I have been able to grown my network with people who appreciate my work. I know I can turn to any of them without hesitation to ask for professional advice.

I took a leap of faith by ditching my ideals of working in-house and trying something new. Now I am being rewarded with one of my favorite internships thus far in my career.

Liesel Rickert, Senior Newhouse NYC student and PR major 

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