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A “Love Letter” to the Newhouse NYC Mentor Program

A special part of the Newhouse NYC semester is the opportunity to be paired with incredible mentors. These Newhouse alumni have learned the ins and outs of the media industry and have found a home in the Big Apple. Mentors meet with their mentees throughout the semester to give them advice and make sure they are adjusting to the city. We love getting to hang out with them and hear all of their valuable insights. Below, some students from each semester of the program so far share what they have loved the most about the mentor program.

Leah Fagen, Newhouse NYC student and junior PR major


Mentors and Newhouse NYC mentees (clockwise): Kaitlyn Frey (left) with mentor Abby Cuffey (Health Director at Woman’s Day), Alex Parducci (right) with mentor Carolyn Fine (Account Manager at 360i), Stanley Kaminsky (right) with mentor Vaughn Schoonmaker (Producer at MTV & Logo), and Liesel Rickert (left) with mentor Helen Rubenstein (Account Executive at Cohn & Wolfe).

Liesel Rickert (Public Relations Senior, Fall 2015) paired with Helen Rubenstein (Account Executive at Cohn & Wolfe):
“So far I have had a great time with my mentor this semester. Last week, she showed me around her PR office, Cohn & Wolfe. It is interesting to see the different way companies arrange their offices according to workflow, productivity and aesthetic. Helen has also taken me to a few great places to eat, and we have been able to talk openly. It’s nice to have someone in the industry that is only a few years older than me tell me about her struggles and what I can expect.”

Kaitlyn Frey (Magazine Senior, Fall 2014) paired with Abby Cuffey (Health Director at Woman’s Day):
“When I participated in Newhouse NYC last fall, my mentor was Abby Cuffey. I couldn’t have asked for a better person to be paired with. She became not only my mentor, but also a friend whom I still keep in touch with and visit when I am in NYC. We did everything from get sushi to go to SoulCycle together. I’ve always been so comfortable going to Abby with questions about anything—she’s been one of the most honest and encouraging people, which I am so grateful for.”

Zoe Malliaros (Advertising Junior, Fall 2015) paired with Sharon Clott Kanter (Senior Editor at InStyle):
“The first time I met with my mentor was at brunch at The Wayfarer in Midtown. In early October, I was fortunate enough to visit the Time & Life building to observe Sharon for an afternoon. She gave me a tour of InStyle, and it was especially cool because I was able to see exactly where all of the pieces I send over from Diane von Furstenberg are held and styled for shoots. Not only did I leave InStyle with a fresh perspective on my goals and a peek into what a Senior Editor really does, I exited the office with several new books and notepads for my desk. Sharon happened to be cleaning out her desk since Time Inc. is moving downtown, and she gifted me several books including The Modern Girl’s Guide to Life and Shoe-strology, which have both been extremely useful (and entertaining) since that day. I’m extremely lucky to be able to have Sharon watch me grow as a professional, and guide me along the way.”

Michael Quagliana (Advertising Senior, Spring 2015) paired with Cory Ferreira:
“The Newhouse in NYC program provides you with endless opportunities to meet some of the most respected Syracuse alumni in the workforce. The strongest connection I made in the Big Apple turned out to be my mentor, Cory Ferreira. There is nothing more comforting than a mentor taking you under his or her wing when you first arrive in a new setting—especially one as intimidating as Manhattan. I first met with Cory in January, and since then he has gone out of his way to meet with me and answer any questions I have about advertising, networking, and living in New York City. During my semester in the city, Cory was working at Nielsen Catalina Solutions in the Financial District. He frequently invited me to his office to grab lunch, talk about the industry, and meet some of his colleagues. Don’t ever underestimate just how supportive an SU alum can be. If you are willing to make the effort to ask them questions and get to know them, they will go the extra mile to help you succeed. Cory has been an incredibly positive influence in my life and has helped me prepare for my career after graduation.”

Isaiah Mendez (Television, Radio & Film Senior, Fall 2015) paired with Jake Rosen (Associate Producer at ABC):
“Having a mentor in NYC has meant far more to me than just knowing someone who can provide insight into the industry. It’s provided me with a practical guide in the form of a real person who is doing awesome things. It’s nice to know that someone so cool is only a phone call or text away! Plus, I got to visit the ABC dining hall and it was bomb.”

Rosalind Cardone (Advertising Senior, Fall 2015) paired with Liz Hess (Associate Strategist at Rokkan):
“I’m so happy to have been partnered up with Liz Hess as my mentor this semester. We’ve been able to connect through our love for Syracuse, the advertising world, and great meals from Dos Toros and Le Pain Quoditien. She currently works in the strategy department at Rokkan and invited me to see their beautiful office and meet her core orders. Recently we met for breakfast to chat about her career path and what steps I should take in my job search next semester.”

NEWHOUSE ALUMNI: Want to become a mentor? Apply here! 

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