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#NewhouseNYCChats: Get Advice from Vanity Fair’s Jeffrey Tousey on November 11


Throughout the semester students will have the opportunity to interview Newhouse alumni in a live Twitter interview (a Twitterview). On Wednesday, November 11 at 6pm EST, Advertising junior, Zoe Malliaros, and Public Relations senior, Dana Froome, will interview Vanity Fair Social Media Editor and Newhouse alumnus, Jeffrey Tousey. The students have prepared questions related to the ins and outs of social media editing, such as how to apply the right amount of creativity, how to engage–or not–with commentary from other users, Jeffrey’s daily tasks and what it takes to make it big in the business.

Zoe and Dana aim to provide insight to fellow students and followers from one of the industry’s best. It will provide understanding as to why social media is one of the most important components of modern day communication. The Twitterview will take place this Wednesday, November 11 at 6PM EST. Follow along with us at @NewhouseNYC and submit your questions and comments by using #NewhouseNYCChat.

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