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What We Learned on our Field Trip to Elite Daily

By Liesel Rickert, Senior Newhouse NYC student and PR major 

elite daily

On November 3, Newhouse NYC students visited the Elite Daily office—”field trips” like these are one of the many perks of studying in NYC for the semester! They learned about the process of forming a new online publication from Syracuse alumni Tyler Gildin (director of video production) and Serge Efap (operations coordinator), as well as Kelley Lord (associate producer). Only having formed three years ago by a group of friends who grew tired of traditional, one-dimensional media, this publication has grown from a seven-member team to reliable source with almost 100 employees in the past year. With the slogan “The Voice of Generation-Y,” Elite Daily is focused on providing a level of legitimacy in all areas of interest to the millennial market. Find out how this site continues to grow and push boundaries below:

Keep that young mind open: Being founded by a couple of recent-grads with no background in journalism seems like a set-up for failure. Instead, the fresh mindset of a young staff has allowed Elite Daily to jump in right at the cusp of the explosion from print to digital without hesitation. The publication feels comfortable experimenting with content and presentation without the nagging voice reminiscing about print saying, ‘it should be this way.’

Content trial and error: Employees at Elite Daily are excited each day to see what new angle they discover. The site cranks out about 75-100 articles a day! When figuring out what to spread on social medial, the editors test different types of articles to figure out which ones are traffic drivers. Elite Daily also likes to try new forms of media. Recently they started experimenting with long-form documentary videos which have proven to be successful.

Know when lead, when to follow and when to get out: Many online publications are still figuring out their place in the digital world as consumers are quickly evolving with their wants and needs. Elite Daily’s stance is to evolve alongside the consumer. It is important to know what is a good fit for the publication individually. Even though something might work for competitors like Buzzfeed and Vice, it might not be the right strategy for Elite Daily.

Trust contributors: There are more than 5,000 people who contribute articles to Elite Daily! The editorial team works hard to provide them with ideas and support to keep creating good, credible content. The site loves receiving insight form student contributors because they know firsthand what topics are trending.

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