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Get Advice from Rx Mosaic’s Lisa Prywes on November 12

Lisa Prywes

If you’ve been following along on @NewhouseNYC‘s Twitter, you’ve gotten to see students in the Newhouse NYC program interview Syracuse alumni via live Twitterviews, asking them questions about their careers, internship tips, and more.

We’re very excited to announce our next Twitterview will be with Lisa Prywes of Rx Mosaic, a healthcare PR company based here in New York. Lisa graduated last spring from Syracuse and began working as an assistant account executive at Rx Mosaic this past summer. She was also part of their intern program, which turned into a full-time job! As a recent graduate, she’s very excited to share her advice about internships and how to navigate the post-grad job search.

Public relations juniors Natasha del Amo and Jackie Pereira will interview Lisa on Thursday, November 12, at 9pm EST, and we want to ask any questions that you have.

Submit your questions for Lisa by tweeting them @NewhouseNYC with #NewhouseNYCChat, and your questions may be asked during our live Twitterview. And whether you’re about to graduate, or just interested in the public relations field, be sure to follow along with the #NewhouseNYCChat.

We’ll see you Thursday, 11/12 at 9pm EST!

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