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Follow Along As Newhouse NYC Students Takeover the @NewhouseNYC’s Twitter This Week

This week, three Newhouse NYC students are live-tweeting from the @NewhouseNYC Twitter handle to give you a behind-the-scenes look of what their days are like in the city this semester.

On Wednesday, November 18, Jackie Pereira, a junior PR intern at Polished Pig Media will show you what it’s like to be in NYC on a non-intern day. Plus, she’ll be Snapchatting as well on her personal handle: jackieppp, if you want to follow along. On Thursday, November 19, ADV senior and Catch 24 intern Rosalind Cardone will be returning from a work trip to Dallas (!) and then is going on an exciting informational interview. And on Friday, November 20, PR junior and Sunshine Sachs intern Leah Fagen will be doing a walking tour of the city, so you won’t want to miss where she ends up!

Follow along all week, and if you have any questions about Newhouse NYC, ask them! Just tweet your Q at the @NewhouseNYC handle.

And so you get to know them a bit before they start tweeting, here’s some key facts about Jackie, Rosalind and Leah:

jackie p

NAME: Jackie Pereira
YEAR: Junior
INTERNSHIP: Polished Pig Media
FROM: Old Saybrook, CT
BEST PART OF NYC SO FAR: The best part of NYC is always having something to do and that there is always something to see. Sometimes even just grocery shopping and running errands you see so many interesting people!
MOST DELICIOUS THING I’VE EATEN IN NYC: The most delicious thing I’ve eaten is definitely a salt bagel. I know it’s not that exotic, but it’s changed my life.
FAVORITE NEWHOUSE NYC SPEAKER SO FAR AND WHY: My favorite Newhouse speaker was probably Kate Barker from Facebook. I like how she explained their whole company culture and that is based off this idea that everyone needs something zen in their life, whether it’s going to Home Depot on their lunch break or coming in an hour later on Friday.


NAME: Rosalind Cardone
YEAR: Senior
MAJOR: Advertising
FROM: Medina, NY (near Buffalo)
BEST PART OF NYC SO FAR: Our field trips to Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Bloomberg were incredible.
MOST DELICIOUS THING I’VE EATEN IN NYC: Curried Chicken Salad at Penelope’s or the Truffle RisOATto at Oatmeal’s
FAVORITE NEWHOUSE NYC SPEAKER SO FAR AND WHY: Impossible to choose, but Kate Law was definitely one of my favorites. Kate is currently a copywriter at JCrew and worked at Kate Spade before that. As an aspiring copywriter, I hadn’t thought of working in house until her panel, and now the thought of getting to work at brands I love sounds amazing.

Leah Fagen

NAME: Leah Fagen
YEAR: Junior
INTERNSHIP: Sunshine Sachs
FROM: Northampton, MA
BEST PART OF NYC SO FAR: My favorite thing about being in NYC right now, is the fact that it doesn’t feel as big and overwhelming anymore. I’m starting to see how it’s possible for a busy, loud, crazy city to feel like home – and a pretty cool home at that.
MOST DELICIOUS THING I’VE EATEN IN NYC: Anything from Little Italy. I love Italian food.
FAVORITE NEWHOUSE NYC SPEAKER SO FAR AND WHY: I really enjoyed hearing from Janice Morris at Twitter. It was cool to hear her tips about using Twitter and Periscope, and I loved learning about all of the different jobs there are within Twitter.

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