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We’re Totally Bragging: Every Office We Visited This Semester

One of the most exciting and unique parts about the Newhouse NYC semester is getting to explore some of the city’s biggest media offices. Not only are the field trips fun and informative, but it is incredibly inspiring to see where our careers may lead us! From Vice to Facebook and everything in between, here’s where we went this semester and why we loved each trip.
Leah Fagen, Newhouse NYC student and junior PR major

Janice Morris

Twitter: October 6, 2015 in the Social Media class
“I loved visiting Twitter because it’s a platform I use every day. Hearing from Janice Morris about inside tips, tricks and best practices on Twitter and Periscope was very informative, and learning about all of the different jobs within the company was eye-opening. I had never considered working for a media company until this trip!”Leah Fagen, PR junior

bloomberg1Bloomberg: October 8, 2015 in the Internship class
Bloomberg was particularly exciting because our hosts worked in a variety of departments and provided us with valuable insights into radio, TV and more. The office itself was a magnificent space with fish tanks, artwork and incredible architecture. Overall, it was definitely one of this semester’s greatest trips.”Stanley Kaminsky, TRF senior

IMG_5706Google: October 12, 2015 in the Social Media class
“Google is a company that will keep you busy. The work there is innovative and exciting. They also make the space more comfortable and fun than your apartment would be (think Legos and scooters), so I definitely wouldn’t mind spending some late nights there!”Alina Bagamanova, magazine senior

Vice: October 14, 2015 in Race, Gender and the Media
“The growth that Vice has seen is nothing short of impeccable. It’s a really unique place. It was such a privilege to be surrounded by such forward thinking minds and to learn how the company plans to exceed their current growth in the future.”Dana Froome, PR senior

facebook wallFacebook: October 27, 2015 in the Social Media class
“My favorite field trip so far has been Facebook because I liked how Kate Barker explained their company culture and how it’s based off the idea that everyone needs something zen in their life, whether it’s going to Home Depot during a lunch break or coming in an hour later on Friday.”Jackie Pereira, PR junior

tbwa.pngTBWA: October 29, 2015 in Race, Gender and the Media
“I enjoyed every minute of my time listening to Doug Melville speak at TBWA\Chiat\Day. He is such an inspiring alumnus with an unbelievable story, and his energy is infectious.”Liesel Rickert, PR senior

elite dailyElite Daily: November 3, 2015 (no class tie-in…just for fun!)
“Visiting the Elite Daily office was such a cool experience. I have been a fan of the site for a long time, so it was exciting to take a look at what happens behind the scenes. The two alumni we met during our visit, Tyler Gildin and Serge Efap, were so welcoming and shared a lot of helpful advice with us. They also gave us free pizza, which is never a bad thing!”Christy Fox, advertising junior

faderFader: November 4, 2015 in Race, Gender and the Media
“Getting an inside look at Fader and meeting Joseph Patel, Rawiya Kameir, and SU alum Jon Cohen was amazing. Fader is doing such incredible work, and it was exciting to hear about the innovative ways they are releasing content.”Eric King, magazine junior

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