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Words of Wisdom with Jeff Cucinell: Falling Comfortably into a Mass Media Job

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In a Twitterview conducted by Syracuse University’s Newhouse NYC semester, Jeff Cucinell at iHeartMedia answered questions about his social media job and offered his career advice for aspiring professionals. When asked to provide tips for breaking into the media industry, Cucinell said:

Cucinell’s advice highlights three important points for the soon-to-be graduate. First, Cucinell emphasizes the importance of diving into the workforce with an open mind. Some students may be leaving college with a very particular idea of what they want to be in the professional realm. It may come as an upsetting realization when those students discover they cannot find a job that aligns with that idea. As Cucinell advised, it might be wiser for students to embrace interesting opportunities, even if they don’t carry the job title the students are seeking.

Cucinell’s second bit of advice is also very wise. He places importance on career-related events hosted within a university setting. These events contain a large group of eager employers who usually interview and hire!
Cucinell’s final bit of advice brings attention to an often-overlooked opportunity for all new job seekers. Graduates should realize that the alumni from their universities are already stationed within the workforce. Students should therefore keep in touch with their alumni friends. Eventually, something might pop up!

The last question of the interview focused on barriers. When Newhouse in NYC asked Jeff Cucinell about the barriers he faced in gaining his current professional status, Cucinell responded:

Here, Cucinell advises students to remain patient. The anxiousness that follows an interview is natural. Nevertheless, it might be beneficial to take a step away from the anxiety and remind yourself that everything will eventually fall into place. Even if you don’t get the job after interviewing, there are still many other opportunities in existence. The saying “patience is a virtue” wouldn’t exist if this wasn’t true!

It seems clear that Cucinell’s advice stems from his own experiences. It’s quite likely Cucinell experienced the same anxiousness after his first job interview, and maybe he was turned down for his dream job. Regardless, by persevering and remaining patient, Jeff landed his destined position. This probably entailed the advice Cucinell provided during the interview: Contacting alumni, attending career events, and trying new things. Now, Jeff is enjoying every second of coordinating social media tactics for iHeartMedia!

Stanley Kaminsky and Isaiah Mendez, TRF seniors

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