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What I’ll Miss Most About Living in NYC…

By Liesel Rickert, Senior Newhouse NYC student and PR major 

The Newhouse NYC students have spent the last three months in New York City. We worked, shopped, took classes, ate great food and so much more. Sometimes living in NYC was overwhelming, but most of the time it was exciting with a new adventure waiting for us each day. The city became our home away from home for the semester. Read on to hear what we will miss most.

Junior PR major Jackie Pereira: “I’ll miss walking through Central Park on my days off. I love getting lost and discovering all the hidden gems there are. Since it’s so big, you’re always guaranteed to find a new favorite spot!”

central park jackie.png

Junior MAG major Eric King: “NYC has the easiest access to great theater. I’ll miss being able to see high-quality shows whenever I’m in the mood. While I was in the city for the summer and fall semester I saw Spring Awakening at Deaf West Theater, Something Rotten!, Misery featuring Bruce Willis and Laurie Metcalf (what a wild show!) and The Wild Party.”

Senior ADV major Rosalind Cardone: “I’ll really miss all of opportunities I’ve had from living in such a buzzing area. I’ve been living here since June and in that short time I was able to attend The Belmont to see American Pharoah win the Triple Crown, listen to inspiring, accomplished speakers at The Giants of Broadcasting Luncheon, and even see the Pope drive past my dorm!”

rosalind blog

Senior PR major Liesel Rickert: “Since living in New York City I have grown to appreciate meeting and talking with random people. The other day I ended up sitting on the subway next to my waitress at the restaurant I had just eaten lunch at. We ended up talking all about her career as a professional ballerina and her goal to make it big in comedy. There are such characters in NYC; I’ll miss meeting them and people watching.”

Junior TRF major Olivia Klayman: “NYC is a place where you are constantly bettering yourself. You get to be true to your authentic self and work toward a future you want. I’ll miss the ability to do what I want, whenever it needs to get done, whether it is something small like shopping for groceries, or something that will impact my future like meeting countless successful alumni in my industry.”

Junior PR major Leah Fagen: “One thing that I’ve loved about being in New York City is all of the amazing food. When it comes to cuisine, this city is as diverse as the people who live here, and I’m going to miss constant opportunity to try so many new things.”

Junior TRF major Stanley Kaminsky: “The two things I’ll miss most about being in NYC are the valuable learning experiences and the leisure time spent with classmates in the city. When working in the music industry by day and taking mass media classes by night, I was completely submerged in the professional’s lifestyle and essentially learning it by living it. On weekends, the downtime was great for exploring the city’s offerings with friends. Overall it was a semester of growth, and I’m happy I made the decision to come to NYC.”

Psychology junior Cayla Kusnierz: “I’m going to miss living in such a fast-paced environment. Each day I got to encounter an experience that was different than the one before. I’ll always remember how great this semester was, and I’m so happy I don’t live too far away from NYC so I can always visit.”

Senior PR major Shan Li: “The performers in the subway station! I send more Snapchats than ever before since moving here and most of those snaps are the performances in the subway. Perhaps that’s something you can only see in New York.”

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