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The Anatomy of a Perfect Day Off in NYC

Hello everyone, Jackie Pereira here!

Or as you might know me better, that girl who took over the NewhouseNYC Twitter a few weeks ago on her day off. If you had the chance to tune into my live-tweeting, then you got a taste of all the incredible things there are to do in New York City. It’s easy to discover hidden gems when you get lost and wander, or I like to say “bop around the city!” Here are some foolproof activities to make your day off as fabulous as you are.

1.) Get a bagel
This seems so basic, but starting your day off with a giant New York bagel pretty much guarantees you’ll have an amazing day. I’m not kidding; it’s in the rulebook they give you when you move here. It’s hard to go wrong since in the city, almost every corner you turn, there’s another authentic Jewish Deli with salt bagels and lox for miles.

2.) Walk through the Park
Everyone always talks about Central Park and there’s a reason – Central Park is grounding. Everyone is always on in NYC. People are rushing to meetings, appointments and work. People rush just to rush! Central Park is the perfect place to unwind, sit on the grass and read a book. If you do that anywhere else in Manhattan, it’s called loitering.

3.) Go to a museum
New York City is one of the cultural hubs of the world, so explore! Many museums offer student discounts or days where you get free admission, so there’s no reason to miss out on an early morning stroll to the Guggenheim or a trip to the MoMa.

4.) Partake in some window shopping
New York is home to some of the largest, swankiest retailers in the world. And obviously, as an intern, I can afford none of them. Channeling my inner Audrey however, I have spent hours wandering down Fifth Avenue staring at all of the window displays. And for all you ladies out there wondering, yes they do let you try on the engagement rings at Tiffany’s.

5.) Do some actual shopping
So yes, while I love to window shop, a lot of time that’s just pure torture. I deserve pretty things too, don’t I? So it’s essential to have some affordable shops to curb that spending bug the Prada Christmas display tends to ignite. I love Canal Street stores like Necessary Clothing, which has cute layering pieces, but a fair amount of fun statement pieces as well. If you’re not looking for clothes, I highly recommend stopping by the Strand Bookstore for some retail therapy. The store prides itself on having 18 miles of books, and getting lost in them is a great way to spend the day.

6.) Sit in a coffee shop
As my friend and fellow Newhouse NYC student Eric King likes to remind me, I romanticize coffee shops. But, to me, there is nothing more relaxing than sitting down with a latte and that book you just bought at Strand for a few hours on your day off. Any area is going to give you the opportunity to do some amazing people watching, but I like to go downtown near NYU, especially when I’m missing the college campus atmosphere.

7.) Do one touristy thing a day
While you’re living in Manhattan, it’s easy to get caught up in your own world, especially when you’re working and taking classes. But you’re never too cool to get out and hit the tourist destinations that you’re secretly saving for when your parents come into town. After all, how much are you going to kick yourself if you leave New York never visiting the Statue of Liberty or the Empire State Building?

Despite the title of this article, there’s actually no exact formula to having a great day in the city. The key is to pick yourself up and get out there. Manhattan is 22.7 square miles, so you’ve got a lot of ground to cover. I suggest you start now.

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