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Our Six Favorite NYC Experiences So Far

Top of the RockBy Caroline Cakebread, Junior Newhouse NYC student and MAG major

It’s been a month since Newhouse NYC students arrived in the Big Apple and with four weeks of interning, classes and subway navigating under our belts, it’s safe to say we are officially newly minted New Yorkers. Despite busy work and school schedules, we are all managing to make time to explore the fun and crazy things the city has to offer. Here are a few top highlights so far:

1. Morgan Chamberlain, magazine junior and Martha Stewart Weddings intern: “There is nothing like brunch in NYC, and I make it a priority to go as often as I can. Almost every restaurant has a brunch menu, so the options are endless. There is no better feeling than rolling out of bed on a Saturday and having a gooey, yummy omelette.”

2. Jeff Slawson, junior broadcast journalism and NBC intern: “A few of us took a trip down to Koreatown for some Korean barbecue. I have never been before. We picked Miss Korea BBQ and it was the real deal. They cooked the meat right at the table, and there were a million different ways to eat it. It was such a different experience and something I would definitely recommend trying!”

Korean BBQ

3. Sydney Wagner, public relations junior and Sunshine Sachs intern: “I’ve loved wandering through the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It’s huge, and every time I’m there I find something new. It makes for some pretty good people watching, too.”

4. Caroline Cakebread, magazine junior and HGTV magazine intern: “I am obsessed with Instagram accounts that feature NYC bagel shops, like @everything_bagels  and @new_fork_city. I stalked them for months leading up to coming to NYC and wrote down the ones I knew I had to try. I finally made a pilgrimage down to the Lower East Side’s Space Market and the bacon, egg and cheese was everything I had been dreaming of.”


5. Lauren Anderson, broadcast junior and CBS intern: “I have Thursdays off and decided to avoid weekend tourists and check out the Top of the Rock at Rockefeller Center. It is set up as a whole experience that takes you through the history of the building, and there was no one there so we breezed right through. The view from the top was awesome, and we even saw a proposal—down on bended knee and all!”

6. Matt Miselis, newspaper and online journalism senior and intern: “A perk of living on the Upper East Side is the proximity to Central Park. My first walk through was the Monday after snowstorm Jonas, and hardly anyone was around. I felt totally at peace as I watched the sun start to go down over the view of Midtown.”


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