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#NewhouseNYCChat: Get Advice from PEOPLE Magazine’s Laura Cohen on March 10

Laura pic for Twitterview

Throughout the semester at Newhouse in NYC, students in the Social Platforms, Processes and Perspectives class will get the chance to interview accomplished Newhouse alumni in a live Twitterview.

Laura Cohen (@lauragailcohen), a Newhouse ‘15 grad, has dived right into the world of social media as the Assistant Engagement Editor at PEOPLE. In her time at Syracuse, Laura worked on Jerk magazine and has taken her skills to PEOPLE where she keeps the brand fun and relevant on all of their social media platforms including Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.

On Thursday, March 10th at 1pm EST, magazine juniors Caroline Cakebread and Courteney Larocca will interview Laura—and you can get involved as well.

Have a question for Laura? Tweet us at @NewhouseNYC using the hashtag #NewhouseNYCChat. Then on Thursday, March 10th at 1 pm EST, follow @NewhouseNYC and @lauragailcohen on Twitter to participate.

And keep watching out for more #NewhouseNYCChat announcements, because we have some great alumni coming up!


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