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#NewhouseNYCChat: Maggie Tierney, Assistant Account Executive at Rx Mosaic Health, joins the Newhouse NYC conversation on April 8

Maggie Tierney HeadshotOn Friday, April 8th at 10:30am EST, PR juniors Teyra Anderson and Sydney Wagner have the pleasure of interviewing Newhouse alumna Maggie Tierney. The Newhouse NYC students will be taking over the Newhouse NYC twitter handle to engage in a thoughtful conversation with the former Newhouse student.

Maggie Tierney recently graduated from Syracuse University in 2015 receiving her degree in public relations from Newhouse, with a minor in strategic management from the Whitman School of Business. During her time at Syracuse Tierney was involved in Newhouse’s PR agency, Hill Communications, first as an intern then eventually was brought on as an account supervisor.

Today, Maggie works as an assistant account executive with Rx Mosaic Health after interning with them post graduation. Tierney has the pleasure of successfully using her Newhouse skills while continuing to learn the ins and outs of the communications industry. We’re happy to be interviewing Maggie to get insight on breaking into the industry as a recent graduate and how her transition has been thus far.    

We’ll be asking Maggie about her life here in NYC, what it’s like working in Healthcare PR, and much more!

We encourage you to tweet us @NewhouseNYC using the hashtag #NewhouseNYCChat if you have any questions for Maggie! Also, follow @NewhouseNYC and @maggie_tierney on Twitter to follow the twitterview in real time!  

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