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A Recap of the Spring ’16 Mentor Program

By Caroline Cakebread, Junior Newhouse NYC student and MAG major

Every semester, the Newhouse NYC students are paired up with a Syracuse alumni mentor. Each student is matched with a person in his or her field of interest, and it’s a great way for the students to learn about the realities of joining the workforce after graduation and get some great career advice. The Spring ’16 class had a ton of fun getting to know their mentors. Here are five student’s highlights:

Morgan and CassieMorgan Chamberlain, MAG junior:
“I’ve learned so much from my mentor Cassie Kreitner this semester. She is an editor at The Bump Magazine, and was kind enough to not only give me a tour of their office, but also set up meetings with editors from The Knot, since she knows I am interested in the wedding magazine industry. After an event at Fischer Center, she took me to Urbanspace Vanderbilt, a food hall with some of the city’s most iconic vendors. Cassie gave me some great advice about work and life over my first ever sushi burrito and I am so grateful for her guidance throughout the semester!”

Lauren Anderson, BDJ junior:
“My mentor Jessica Cohen was absolutely amazing. She is a senior producer for “Good Day New York,” and brought me into work with her on one of my days off so I get an idea of what her day to day is like. She also invited me in extra early one morning so I could see the show in action. The day I went David Hasselhoff and Colin Hanks (Tom Hanks son!) were on and it was so fun to watch them live. As you can see her job is totally cool, and I was so lucky to have her this semester.”

Courteney mentorCourteney Larocca, MAG junior:
“I had so much fun with my mentor Michelle Toglia, and am so grateful to her and the mentor program! She is an editor at Bustle, and brought me to an office party where I got to meet other SU alumni who work there. She also showed me so many cute little cafes around Chelsea, and had awesome stories about her job and career to share over a few lunches. She even hooked me up with a summer internship at Bustle, and I am so excited to be able to work with her. Having her as a mentor was truly one of the highlights of my entire semester (and soon to be summer!)”

Morie Dong, PR junior:
“My mentor Gareth Lim, an account executive at Red Fuse Communications, took me out to Sunday brunch at the Golden Unicorn – an awesome Chinese dim-sum place. He had great advice about networking in today’s PR industry, and the value of getting experience at a large or corporate agency. Working for such an agency would give me a full-scale look at the industry; something that could be helpful later on when I’m deciding what specific area of PR I want to move into. I loved what he had to say, and I’m excited to keep up our relationship as I move through my career.”


Kevin Mentor PicKevin Gendron, ADV junior: “I had the chance to visit my mentor Leo Wong at his office at Droga5, and it was so cool to see where he works. I am interested in video production, and while we were there he took me around to the production department so I could meet a few of the people there.We met up for lunch throughout the semester and he had great advice about finding summer internships and joining the workforce. I knew Leo at Syracuse, and it’s awesome we got to extend our friendship into the professional world.”


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