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6 Things We Learned from Allure’s Gerilyn Manago

By Marlena Ahearn, senior magazine major 

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Last Tuesday, we heard from Allure’s social media editor Gerilyn Manago (third from left) in the social platforms, processes and perspectives class. The Newhouse alumna spoke about her background in journalism leading her to her successful career in managing Allure’s brand image via social media.

Here are key six things we learned:

1. Internships are key. Learning from the inside about the differences from publications and companies is so valuable to figuring out what you want to do and where you want to do it. Internships are also crucial to building your network and learning how to manage your time and your company’s time.
2. Always plan, but also always be prepared for when things come up. You always have to be “on” — especially in social media and digital spaces — so always be vigilant and know how to think of your feet.
3. Not all parts of a job are glamourous. Working in social media may sound like fun  (and it is!), but a lot of work and time goes into carefully curating posts for each platform. The fun comes after you’ve done your work when you get to look at analytics and research your competitors.
4. Knowing how to write and tell a story to a particular audience is invaluable. Manago spoke about how grateful she is for her background in journalism because it helps her know her audience and convey her message succinctly and in a compelling way on various platforms.
5. An easy mistake to make is to constantly update your feeds with posts. Manago suggests to instead carefully and thoughtfully curate your content and make it impact your reader. Contributing something meaningful to a conversation, or even better, starting one, is far more effective than flooding your readers’ feeds.
6. Know your brand and your readers. Knowing what does well today and what did well in the past can help you create more successful content. Also, looking at your competitors and seeing where they do well or where they fall short can help you position your brand’s content.

To see more advice from Manago and follow along with other speaker advice follow @NewhouseNYC on Twitter!

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