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Newhouse NYC Visits New York Magazine

By: Kaileigh Woodruff, Advertising and Sociology senior

The “Race, Gender and the Media” students left the classroom again this past week on another incredible field trip. On the agenda was a visit to New York Magazines Associate Beauty Editor Ashley Weatherford.

When we arrived, Ashley showed the class around the office. We got to see her desk filled with new beauty products that were sent to her in the hopes of getting a review in the magazine. Ashley shared with the class one of the hardest parts of her job is looking at the prices of the products she is sent. She always wants to be conscious of the price points so she appeals to a wide variety of consumers and a wide variety of their budgets.

Next, we got to see the beauty and fashion closet that was filled with you guessed it…every beauty item you could think of. There were eye palettes and lipsticks that filled an entire wall! Overall, the office space had a cool vibe to it and had older magazine covers filling up the walls everywhere you looked. You also couldn’t miss the huge New York logo on the wall by the elevators.


After the tour we sat down with Ashley (center) to hear a bit more about how she got to New York Magazine and her perspectives on her work in beauty. Ashley shared with the class that she grew up outside of Cleveland, Ohio and then studied political science at Northwestern. What surprised me the most was how Ashley didn’t study journalism at Northwestern but got into writing when she created her blog called, August Skin and entered a blogging contest sponsored by Allure. Ashley also credited her father for teaching her about beauty products and personal care growing up, saying that he was the parent much more interested in that area than her mother. After starting “August Skin” and entering the blog contest things fell into place, and that exposure led to her job at New York Magazine!

Ashley also talked about her upbringing and how in her schools there was curriculum in place to allow a safe space for students to talk about issues surrounding race and gender. I had never heard of any high school having curriculum in place to create these safe spaces for open conversations about issues in our world (mine didn’t). I personally discovered these safe spaces in college (and not high school), so it was interesting that it was the opposite for Ashley.

Overall, our visit to the New York Magazine was nothing short of wonderful. Ashley Weatherford was such a genuine person and incredibly knowledgeable, not only about beauty, but also about the world we live in. The “Race, Gender and the Media” class can’t thank Ashley enough for her time, and we can’t wait to read your next piece!

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