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Newhouse NYC’s Weekend Plans

By: Kaileigh Woodruff, Senior Newhouse student and ADV/Sociology major

With a month in New York City in the books, the Newhouse NYC students haven’t wasted a minute discovering delicious food, pop-up museums and lots more. Here is what some of the students had to say about their weekend adventures:

Kaileigh Woodruff, ADV senior:
“I had only been to NYC a few times before this semester and had only seen the touristy things like Time Square. So when I arrived for the semester I made a promise to myself that I would see as much of the city as possible. My favorite thing I’ve done so far is walking the High Line. It was a beautiful walk and afterwards I stopped by Chelsea Market for some delicious food. It’s hard to pick just one thing to eat, so I’ll have to go back another time!”


Marlena Ahearn, MAG senior:
“I tend to go to Union Square on the weekends and walk around. They have a farmers market, lots of vendors and artist on streets, and tons of great vegan restaurants. I love finding new places that are 100 percent vegan like Peace Food Café and Blossom de Jour. Union Square can get crowded, but if you keep walking downtown there are so many cool artist booths, restaurants and cafes that are unique and relatively quiet.”


Chloe Anello, MAG junior:
“Because I live right outside New York City, I’ve had the luxury of being able to commute in and out of the city for years for anything from internships to shopping trips with friends. Now that I’m actually living in the city, I want to experience new things that I haven’t already done and maybe even be a little touristy. A group of us signed up for a ClassPass promotion, which gives us five classes for only $19. Through this we’ve been able to take boxing classes, dance classes, spin classes, and multiple other ones that I wouldn’t typically do if I weren’t living here and had the opportunity to experience different things. Last week, Jackie Homan and I took an Overthrow underground boxing class, which definitely kicked our butt, and today we learned the choreography from Britney Spears’ video “Toxic.” Only in New York City with a good amount of free time can you do stuff like this, so I can’t wait to do more non-traditional, but trendy classes this month.”


Jackie Homan, MAG junior:
“A couple weekends ago I went to a fashion/art funhouse exhibit called 29 Rooms hosted by Refinery29. It was only here for three days, and it attracted thousands of people. It was one of those totally unique things that makes NYC so fun.”


Diminov Boestami, ADV junior:
“I really enjoyed getting ice cream at Grom in Greenwich Village with my friends. I had the chocolate gelato, which was nice. But I mostly enjoyed it for the people I was with and the area that we were walking around. And the people I went with, I literally said, ‘Hello’ to them on the street because I heard them speaking Indonesian. We exchanged contact information and started to hang out a bit the next day.”


Stephen Milewski, BDJ junior:
“On September 3, my girlfriend Sarah and I took a trip to Brooklyn. We ate pizza at one of my favorite spots in the city, Grimaldi’s, which is located right under the bridge near the river. After that, we walked across the Brooklyn Bridge to Manhattan. Even though the walk takes 5 to 10 minutes straight across, it’s impossible to resist taking a picture. The bridge itself is a marvel, and it’s interesting to read about how it was constructed and built. You can also catch a great view of Lower Manhattan, including the Freedom Tower and South Street Seaport. While the weather is still nice, walking across the bridge is a must-do for anyone living in or visiting New York City.”


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