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Getting to Know SU Alumni in NYC

by: Kaileigh Woodruff, senior ADV and Sociology senior

Last week, the Fall 2016 Newhouse in NYC students were fortunate enough to have five Syracuse University alumni visit the internship class to give us a “pep talk” after being here for a little over a month. The panelists included Andrew Bank (Segment Producer at NBC Universal), Sarah Christensen  (Director of E-commerce Product Management and Operations at ANN Inc.), Jaimie Dalessio Clayton (Senior Editor at HGTV Magazine), Christina Campisi (Global Marketing Director at Elizabeth Arden) and Becky Auslander (Communications Director at Yahoo Media).

The panelists focused on giving tips to help us succeed at our internships, how to network and how to explore jobs outside of our field of study or industry. All of our panelists shared stories of transitioning from college to career and how they got to where they are now. It was nice to have an open conversation with the panelists who really wanted to get to know us as well (they even asked us questions at the end of the night)!

After the panel was over, the alumni and students had some time to talk in smaller groups.  The evening won’t have been complete without a picture of our panelists and students together. Thank you again to the wonderful alumni who took the time to speak to us!

Screen Shot 2016-10-03 at 10.54.36 PM.png


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