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5 Things We Learned from Facebook’s Global Marketing Solutions Expert, Eric Forman ‘11


By Marlena Ahearn, senior magazine major

On Tuesday night, Ariana Finlayson’s social media class visited Facebook’s New York Offices to hear from Newhouse alumnus Eric Forman. Forman ‘11, an advertising major now works on global marketing solutions at Facebook and helps strategize and plan company advertisements. An expert on how people consume media and advertisements, Forman shared his knowledge and advice to the fall 2016 Newhouse NYC class.

Online journalism has to adapt
Online journalism can exist, said Forman, but content must be designed for phones. Every day people are spending more time on their phones. So, brands need to designed ads with mobile in mind. Otherwise, their message will be scrolled past.

Brands Have to Act Quickly
The time it takes to make brand impact on Facebook is quick — less than three seconds. So for creative creative advertisers, especially on social media, they must think visually and feature their brand identity early on. Otherwise, you won’t make an impression on consumers.

Be Aware of How Your Customers Consume Media
Forman always recommends that ad designs need to be created with the understanding the consumers will not turn on the sound. Depending on sound will not convey the message to a consumer. Visual storytelling is essential to connecting with your consumers. “If you’re not putting yourselves in your client’s shoes, your argument will fall flat,” Forman said.

Think As a Marketer
No matter who you are, think like a marketer. You’re always marketing something, whether it’s your company, your brand, or your own image or reputation. Having the foresight and strategy to always market yourself, your business, and your brand is key.

Have a POV
Whether you’re coming from a personal or a brand perspective, whenever you walk into a room you need to have a point of view. When someone asks a question or for your opinion, being able to say something smart from your perspective is key. And if you’re not sure? It’s okay to say “I don’t know” and go find an answer. It’s never going to help you to say something just to say something — you have to say something smart.

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