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Lauren Ludlow On Influencer Marketing in Social Media

By Marlena Ahearn, senior magazine major

Ariana Finlayson’s social media class met up at Marina Maher Communications on Wednesday night to learn about social media influencers from Lauren Ludlow. Ludlow, self-proclaimed “PR gal,” might still in the beginning of her career, but she is part of an indispensable “dream team” at MMC — she knows her stuff and she does it well. Here are four incredible pieces of advice we learned from Ludlow.

“Everyone Has Their Own Social Megaphone”
Ludlow made a point to explain that influencers aren’t just people with millions of followers. Everyone who has a voice can be present on social media and make their opinions known. Even if you haven’t amassed millions of followers, your presence on social media is a powerful tool to get your thoughts and ideas out there. She told us consumers are influencers in their own right — hashtags aren’t necessary to get hundreds of likes on Instagram anymore.

Your Follower Count Isn’t Everything
So many people are obsessed with gaining thousands of followers. But sometimes a lower follower count is more desirable for sponsored content and communicating information about a product to consumers. A smaller instagrammer who has an intense passion for natural beauty or a specialized YouTube channel usually has a closer connection to their audience and what they like.

Prioritize Your Passion
Ludlow talked about how she landed her job at MMC because she was so passionate and knowledgeable about YouTube and the beauty influencers on the platform. She learned everything about the beauty community on YouTube and how they got product to show their followers. Her love of beauty and passion for learning about the community made her stand out at MMC (and makes her such a great strategist)!

The Consumer Experience
Ludlow shared that experiential marketing is the direction PR is heading. Creating a unique experience to drive consumers to buy a product is key. “You have to think through the media lens and consumer lens at the same time to successfully reach targets,” said Ludlow. The three things she focuses on to drive consumers at MMC are creativity, cultural relevance, and breakthrough content — definitely not easy tasks!

To see more advice from Ludlow and follow along with other speaker’s advice follow @NewhouseNYC on Twitter!

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