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Perk of Studying in NYC: Attending the 2016 Newhouse Radio and Audio Summit!

By: Kaileigh Woodruff, ADV and Sociology senior

Three of our Fall 2016 Newhouse in NYC students (Stephen Milewski, Chloe Anello and Kaileigh Woodruff) were lucky enough to volunteer at the 2016 Radio and Audio Summit hosted at the Lubin House on Friday, October 7. The Summit brought in some big names from Newhouse and from the industry for a morning of panel discussions and a keynote speaker. Dean Lorraine Branham was in attendance along with Jarl Mohn as the keynote speaker. Panelists included Adam Curry, Seth Farbman, Thea Mitchem, Andrew Moss, Gevevieve Sponsler and the panel was moderated by Sean Ross.

Being an advertising major, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to relate with the discussion at the summit, but I was completely wrong. While I may not major in Television, Radio, and Film or Broadcast and Digital Journalism, the radio and audio industry overlaps with almost all other communication industries in some way or another.

The panelists spoke about the future of the radio and audio industry and how the rise of technology is constantly changing their businesses and how they interact with consumers. Keynote speaker Jarl Mohn spoke about his past career ventures and the lessons he has learned from each experience.

Overall, the Radio and Audio Summit was a success. It was wonderful to see so many alumni, Newhouse faculty, current students and industry moguls all gathered together to share their thoughts and opinions. It was also an added bonus to get a picture with Dean Branham!


Thanks for having us! We loved getting to volunteer and meet everyone!

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