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Nathan Geddie, Digital Director at ABC’s “The View,” Speaks on Working in Digital Media

By Marlena Ahearn, senior magazine major

On Tuesday night, the social media class heard from the digital director at ABC’s “The View.” Nathan Geddie started in print journalism when he graduated, having no idea he would end up in digital. Geddie shared his experiences moving from print into digital, his career at “The View” and how to be a journalist in social media.

Be Resourceful, Be Scrappy
It’s easy to fall back on old standbys and give up on ideas because they won’t work with your current resources. But Geddie encourages his team to be creative.”Be resourceful and scrappy,” said Geddie. “There are ways to do it all.” Anything is possible, you just may not have thought of how yet. Especially when you are starting out, use your fresh take to find ways to do new and innovative things with the resources available to you. “You don’t need a TV camera,” said Geddie. “Your iPhone can do amazing things.”

Even In Social, You’re Still A Journalist
Writing strong copy and finding buzzy headlines is universal at all media outlets Geddie has worked at. He uses the same journalism skills from Newsweek as he does today at “The View.” Being a strong writer and knowing how to craft a compelling story is invaluable. 

When Job Hunting, Be Respectful
You never know who can put you in contact with others. Even if you don’t get this job, you can be offered another at the same company. Geddie says he has passed on names of people who were overqualified for positions he was hiring for to others at the giant media conglomerate ABC. Showing a little courtesy and not being too aggressive can go a long way.

Know What You Can Do, And Do It Well
“Have as many skills as possible and know your strengths and weaknesses,” said Geddie. You have to know what you do well and go after that instead of conforming into another job. If you’re put into a situation where things change suddenly and you aren’t sure how to approach the task, reevaluate with your team and make sure your skills are being used. With that said, having various multimedia skills will put you at an advantage. 

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