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The Best Coffee Shops For Studying in NYC

By Hana Maeda, MAG junior

With so many distractions, your dorm room probably isn’t the greatest destination for studying—hello, bed! While there’s the New York Public Library nearby, sometimes you need your perfect cup of joe set against artsy, Insta-worthy décor to plow through the day’s assignments. Sure, you can grab your usual, iced caramel macchiato at the closest Starbucks, but why not take advantage of all the local coffee shops on every corner of New York City? To help you find your perfect spot, here are some places I often escape to during my downtime—and yes, I’ve taken the café’s scenery, quality of coffee and wifi into consideration:

Petite Shell 
With lots of bright lighting, this small, almost French-inspired café makes for a sophisticated place to study and it’s only a 15-minute walk from the EHS dorm. Food and beverages are on the pricey side, but the fresh batch of mini croissants and other pastries will not disappoint. Be sure to also treat yourself to their nutella latte—you seriously won’t regret it.

Double Dutch Espresso 
If you’re planning to take a trip up to Harlem, stop by this tiny but super cozy café. Though the small space makes it difficult to snatch a seat, the brick walls of this old-fashioned café create the perfect getaway to cuddle with a book. And you guessed it—their espresso is pristine, but their tea menu and variety of sandwiches aren’t too bad either. Tip: There’s a Levain Bakery right across the street, so do yourself a favor and pick up one of their massive cookies!

Ground Central Coffee Company 
For a classic brew or a smooth latte, this spacious and cool atmosphere is the place for you. There’s also a toasty library hidden in the back that resembles a scene from Friends, decked with comfy couches and a handful of books.

Stumptown Coffee Roasters—Ace Hotel 
Famous for its high-quality brew and pretty lattes, this café is conveniently adjacent to the Ace Hotel. Combine the hotel’s dimly lit lobby and rustic ambiance with fine coffee and you’ve got the best of both worlds.


Café Jax 
Don’t underestimate the compact size of this hip café when you first walk in the door. There are plenty of places for setting up shop to study or chat in the downstairs area or patio. If their pastries and donuts aren’t enough, try out their extensive gluten-free options.

Spreadhouse Café 
From hanging chairs to vintage rugs, this café is the epitome of artsy coffee shops. The large, open space makes it ideal for those long study hours, and there’s even floor seating that’s perfect for lounging around. Though it’s located on the Lower East Side, their selection of drinks, tasty donuts and pretty interiors make up for the long commute.

Filled with potted plants and eclectic wall art, this West Village café is sure to inspire you with its quaint atmosphere. And with plenty of seat options, you’re guaranteed to spend all day ruminating over their extensive coffee and sandwich menu. Good news for tea lovers—their black tea rose latte is exceptional!

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