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Thank You to Our Newhouse NYC Mentors

By: Kaileigh Woodruff, ADV and SOC senior

Every semester the Newhouse in NYC students have the opportunity to be paired up with professionals working in NYC to be their mentors. These mentors volunteer their time to guide the students in their field of study and aid them with their time in the big apple. Check out what some of our students had to say about their amazing mentors throughout the semester.

Erica Halverson, ADV junior:
Amy Zainfeld was my assigned mentor, but over the course of the semester she became my actual mentor.  From the beginning we just clicked: we were both late to the coffee shop and spent the whole time talking about fun workout classes and funny stories.  Over the next couple of months we repeatedly met up for lunch, followed each other on social media, and would text each funny tidbits. One of my favorite experiences was visiting Amy’s work at MRM/McCann, where I got a glimpse into her workday. I really enjoyed being able to see firsthand what a project manager actually did; besides, the McCann offices were beautiful and had a picturesque view of the Empire State building.  A couple of weeks later Amy came to the retail store that I work at, Shinola, that’s all the way down in Tribeca.  I helped her pick out a watch which she probably wears everyday. I was blessed to find a mentor that I became friends with first because now I feel like I can ask her anything and she would help me out; in my eyes, this is the most ideal mentor/mentee relationship.”


Elizabeth Young, ADV junior:
“I was so lucky to have Melissa Goolnick as my mentor this semester! She is an Executive Director at Bon Appetit & Epicurious and has been nothing but wonderful during my time in New York. As soon as I got to the city, she invited me down to the Freedom Tower for coffee and a tour of her office, and gave me the chance to see the amazing view. Since then, we remained in close touch with one another, meeting for coffee whenever we could find time. No matter what my questions were, she always gave me something to think about, and I really enjoyed being able to tell her about what life on the SU campus is like today. Although she graduated from Newhouse with a degree in magazine journalism, she was a guiding voice for me as I navigated my way through my internship and coursework as an advertising major, and I’m so lucky I got to work with her this fall!”


Lydia Chan, MAG senior:
“I loved my mentor, Jessica Dodell-Feder, the features editor of Food Network Magazine. Even before meeting her, I was super excited when she was assigned as my mentor as she founded Jerk Magazine, the on-campus publication that I work on. She invited me for lunch at the Hearst Building (where her office is located) and this was a surreal experience for me as some of my favorite publications (shoutout to Cosmopolitan and Esquire!) are housed there. We also got to meet up with fellow Newhouse alumna, Jaimie Clayton. Throughout the semester, Jess has always been there for me, and it’s been an amazing opportunity to have her just an email away. As she lives in Brooklyn and wants to show me her favorite spots, we’re hoping to get coffee in her neighbourhood before the end of the semester!”

Lauren Witonsky, ADV junior:
“I loved having my mentor Rachel Becker, who’s a marketing coordinator at NBCUniversal, there to guide me through this semester. When I was still looking for an internship, she was there to talk through my concerns over coffee, and even helped me get an interview! Rachel was able to give me advice about non-internship related things too – like where to travel after graduation – and was always excited to tell stories about her time at Syracuse. It was especially fun when she invited me to catch up at her office! I’m so grateful to have been paired with Rachel.”

Kaileigh Woodruff, ADV and SOC senior:
“This semester I was so lucky to have Laura Meighan as my Newhouse in NYC mentor who is the VP of Strategy at Zenith Media. It’s been an incredible experience to get to know Laura throughout the semester. When I first got to the city we went to lunch and Laura gave me a tour of her amazing office. Between then and now Laura has been a wonderful role model and resource to talk to about my professional aspirations and everything else I’ve been up to in the city. I was surprised by how much Laura and I had in common when we met. Whether it be how we both double-majored at SU, love running or are both super scared of haunted houses we have a lot in common!”

Lindsay DeStefano, PR senior:
“My mentor Kaitlyn Brennan works in media relations for the New York Yankees and home games for the New York Jets. We met for coffee twice this semester and are planning to meet a final time at the Yankee’s Stadium for a tour before the semester ends. I loved having a mentor this semester because Kaitlyn gave me great advice about job hunting and hints on how to pursue specific professionals or companies I might be interested in. I am thankful I got the chance to make this connection and I look forward to keeping in touch with her in the future.”

Hana Maeda, MAG junior:
“I got along really well with my mentor, Sarah DiGiulio, who is a sleep reporter at The Huffington Post. It was really special getting to know what it’s like to work at publication I’ve admired over the years, and how she moved through different writing positions while staying true to her true passion—writing about health. Whenever she took me out for coffee, she would always reassure me whenever I felt nervous or anxious about my internship. I am also grateful for having Sarah introduce me to Marisa Ramel, a SU alumna and freelance writer, whom I have kept in contact as well.”

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