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The Fall 2016 Newhouse In NYC Magazine Experience

By Marlena Ahearn

Over the last four months, the five Newhouse in NYC magazine students have been very busy typing away at our internships. Between the five of us, we published 80 stories at Bustle, Martha Stewart Weddings, US Weekly, The Bump, and New York Magazine. With all those bylines we spent many hours of interviewing, transcribing, and learning from the incredible editors and writers at each publication. Here are our best magazine internship experiences and our favorite bylines.

Marlena Ahearn, Bustle

I haven’t dreaded one Monday this semester, because I was always looking forward to going the Bustle. Bustle is an incredible site, but that’s because it’s created and maintained by a wonderful team of truly talented, genuinely funny, and incredibly passionate people. The colorful and open environment alone is enough to make you never want to leave, but the people are why I was so excited to keep coming back every week. It’s been an honor working with so many inspiring people on Facebook Live streams, Snapchat, Instagram, photoshoots, desksides, and writing over 30 stories for the site. My favorite bylines had to be What You Need To Consider To Know Your Worth & Get The Salary You Want, How To Talk To Your Relatives Who Support Trump, The Best 2016 Cheap Gifts For Your Significant Other, Whether They Love Photography Or Tequila, and 23 Vegan Holiday Side Dishes For 2016 To Treat Yourself & Impress Non-Veg Guests.

All I’ve ever wanted as a journalist was to work on something that was intersectional, feminist, approachable, and truly interesting. I found that in Bustle.

Chloe Anello, New York Magazine

On the first day of my digital internship with New York Magazine, I was handed a map of where everyone sat, and I thought “so it is really that huge.” I still get lost trying to find someone’s desk almost every day, even though I’ve been here since August, but that’s probably the worst thing about my internship. I do some pretty cool things here. I haven’t gone a day without transcribing something, which sounds unfortunate, but I’ve listened to some of the most intriguing people possible from Ilyse Hogue, president of NARAL, to Yara Shahidi, star of ABC’s Black-ish, making the finger cramping seemingly worth it. The rest of my day goes something along the lines of working on a research project for an editor, which can be anything from finding the height of male rappers to binge-watching Netflix’s The Crown, building articles in the CMS, maybe running a few errands, and helping out in the fashion closet. Actually writing articles as an intern here is a rarity, but luckily I’ve been able to write 10 different pieces, even for my favorite vertical The Cut.

Being at a New York centric magazine, you realize how much this city actually has to offer, and personally, I think that’s pretty exciting. It’s hard as first to stand out a big magazine because there are so many people you have to prove yourself capable to, but overall, I’m more than thankful I had this experience. Some of my favorite bylines were Tracing Tommy Hilfiger’s All-American Career, See How the Actors on The Crown Compare to Their Real-Life Counterparts, and Watch Alice in Wonderland Take Over Sergio Rossi’s Italian Shoe Factory.

Jackie Homan, US Weekly

My internship at Us Weekly was amazing because I got to do so many cool things. Day to day I pitched ideas in meetings, wrote articles for the web, gathered TV notes from celebrities on talk shows, transcribed interviews, and assisted editors with admin work. At night I often got to attend red carpet events and interviewed celebrities like Nick Offerman and Jamie Chung. Working in NYC is amazing because I never would have had these opportunities to attend cool events and meet celebrities if I wasn’t here. My favorite bylines were my story on Jamie Chung and my story on aerialist Jen Bricker.

Hana Maeda, The Bump

Though I would’ve never imagined writing for a pregnancy and baby website, my internship at The Bump has exceeded my expectations. As a web editorial intern, my main responsibilities are to pitch four to five stories everyday and to occasionally write a news story. Everyday is filled with different assignments from the editors, but I’m also primarily tasked with editing/cropping photos and uploading baby review products for the site; And after going through countless reviews, I caught myself recognizing stroller or baby carrier brands off the street. I had the privilege to write 18 bylines for their site, my favorite ones being One Mom’s Amazing Open Letter To Her Friends Without Kids, Most Relatable Halloween Costume Goes to ‘Tired Mom,’ Age 7, and Mom And Baby Travel The World on Epic Maternity Leave, mostly because this was my first exclusive article, where I interviewed the mom featured in the story. On top of that, interning for the first time in NYC has made this experience more worthwhile. Before this semester, I didn’t realize how large the network of Newhouse alums was, with a handful working for big-name media companies. Interacting and keeping in touch with people I hope to work for one day makes me more excited about coming back to intern in the city! 

Lydia Chan, Martha Stewart Weddings

This semester, I had an amazing experience being a Real Weddings intern at Martha Stewart Weddings. I worked directly under Shira Savada, the Real Weddings editor (and Newhouse MAG alumna!) and wrote two wedding galleries a week for the website. I was also in charge of maintaining our extensive weddings database as well as preparing and reviewing interview questionnaires for our newlyweds whose weddings we feature on the site. My three favorite weddings I’ve written on are A Bright Wedding in Arizona with Boho Touches, A Casual, Outdoor Wedding in Palm Springs with a Black-Tie Dress Code and An Elevated Countryside Wedding in Wyoming. There really is nothing like working in NYC and being in such close proximity with all the editorial greats. I got to attend a talk by Nina Garcia, the creative director of Marie Claire and I also got to help out on a bridal fashion shoot for an upcoming issue of Martha Stewart Weddings. As a fashion enthusiast, it was incredible seeing the amount of work that goes into creating beautiful fashion spreads and I loved being surrounded by elegant wedding gowns! Another highlight was attending the Martha Stewart Weddings bridal party and being in the same room as Martha Stewart herself! 

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