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Inside Elite Daily with Tyler Gildin and Sierra Jiminez

By Allison Raymond

On Monday, February 6th, the Newhouse NYC students had the opportunity to explore this inner workings of the digital publisher Elite Daily with SU alumni Tyler Gildin (Executive Producer for Elite Daily’s videos) and Sierra Jiminez (Senior Video Producer specializing in Elite Daily’s social video strategy).

The office is right around the corner from the Flatiron Building and the Lego Store on Fifth Ave., so since I was early, I first took a quick walk around the area.

At 6:00pm, Tyler began with a tour of the office. Because it was after hours, there wasn’t many people there, but Tyler introduced us to the few that were and we learned about their roles at Elite Daily. It was really cool to see how many different kinds of positions there were—from social media managers to producers to videographers and writers.

After the tour, we gathered in a lounge area and ate pizza while Tyler and Sierra talked to us about the company. Elite Daily is a digital publisher who creates entertaining content for Millennials across multiple platforms. When asked about how Elite Daily stays relevant in a time of so much change in the digital and entertainment industry, Tyler said, “Our goal at Elite Daily is to be the best entertainment producers on each platform.” It was such a pleasure to hear from someone who is so obviously passionate about what he does.

We even got to watch a few videos that they recently produced, like “5 Stages of Realizing You’re in a Love Triangle,” a sponsored video created for The CW.

Tyler and Sierra also talked to us about their post-grad experiences. Sierra was a newspaper major at Newhouse and worked a couple of different freelance jobs after graduation. Luckily, she was able to secure some freelance projects that fostered her love of video. It was really inspiring to hear a post-graduation story from someone who didn’t get a job right away. Her advice was to “find things that you enjoy doing and make time for that… if you want to travel, travel. If you want to learn about social media, do a freelance social media project.” There’s no other time like right after college to experiment with your career.


We wrapped up the visit by talking about what makes a good intern, and they had some great advice. Sierra talked a lot about just making yourself available and “being there.” Tyler emphasized the importance of being your own advocate and making things work out.

Thank you so much to Sierra and Tyler for taking the time to talk to us about Elite Daily and careers in the communication industry and for showing us around the office!



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