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Twitter Field Trip: 4 Tips from Mindy Diamond ‘11

By Daniel Denning

On Tuesday, February 27th, students in the COM 400 social media class took a trip to the Twitter office in NYC! Mindy Diamond (PR ‘11), Twitter’s Operations Program Manager for Content Partnerships, greeted the class and gave an informative presentation about her journey from Syracuse University to Twitter. Before the trip ended, she gave us a personal tour of the office, letting students see exactly what it’s like to work in the office of one of the world’s biggest social media platforms. Here are some of the things we learned from Mindy:


1. Don’t be afraid to change careers.

Since Mindy graduated from Newhouse in 2011 with a public relations degree, she has had multiple jobs in various disciplines. She started working in social media and public relations for Sports Illustrated, something she considered a dream job at the time. She then went on to work at Bloomberg Sports and Google+ Sports Partnerships before moving on to Twitter. “I went from doing sports PR to business partnerships at Twitter in less than five years,” she said. The key takeaway is that there is no set career path for any major and you can always change your mind if you aren’t doing what you want to do. Mindy experimented a lot, and has happily been working at Twitter for nearly three years.


2. Twitter sees itself more as a news app than a social media app.

Mindy describes Twitter as a platform that contains “everything that is happening in the world.” Unlike other social platforms, Twitter isn’t about people’s friends, it’s about their interests. When national and global events are being held and people are looking to have a conversation, they go to Twitter. In fact, the app store now lists Twitter in the news app section, rather than the social app section. This is a great illustration of where the company is moving.


3. There are multiple ways for brands to advertise on Twitter.

Mindy’s job at Twitter is all about handling partnerships for brands. Twitter partners with content creators, and then brands come in to sponsor that content. It is a win-win-win situation for Twitter, the content creator, and the brand sponsoring it. This is one of the unique ways that Twitter does advertising. However, the company has been expanding its operations by introducing six-second pre-roll video, and it has begun to broadcast live TV. Twitter is definitely a lot more diverse than it used to be.


4. Twitter has an amazing company culture.

This was the first social media field trip where students were given a full tour of the office. Twitter is filled with all kinds of cool office features including open work spaces, a large dining area, and private phone booths. One of the coolest aspect of the company is that it offers free breakfast and lunch to all of its employees. Mindy even says that the food is really good! The company also offers showers in the office for people to post-workout. However, one of the coolest parts are the signs everywhere that say “#Love Where You Work.” It reminds employees how important culture is to the workplace. For Mindy, office culture is her number-one priority in a job, so the fact that she has been working there for a few years attests to how great the culture really is.


The trip ended with everyone wearing their free Twitter hats and raving about what they saw at the company. We are so grateful to Mindy for showing us around the office and for sharing with us how cool her job is. It was definitely one of the best trips we’ve gone on–and one of my favorite parts of my Newhouse NYC experience.

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