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Spring Break: Newhouse NYC Plays Tourist for a Week

By Daniel Denning


Last week was Syracuse University’s spring break, and Newhouse NYC students did all kinds of fun things. Some left New York City: ADV junior Allison Raymond went home to Seattle to interview for three internships, TRF junior Sara Zadrima visited friends in California and even went to Disneyland, and ADV junior Ronnie Saldarini went home to New Jersey where he shoveled his snow-covered driveway throughout the break. However, some of us stayed in the Big Apple for spring break–here’s what we did:

1. Museum Hopping
I haven’t been to very many museums this semester, so I wanted to correct that over spring break. Two of my friends came down from Syracuse and we went to
The Met, MoMA, and the American Museum of Natural History. This semester I learned that many museum prices are “suggested,” meaning you can pay anything you want or can afford. Therefore, I viewed countless pieces of art and a giant collection of dinosaur bones for only $3!




2. Visiting Pandora

Some students went to a lunch at Pandora’s NYC office, where they met about a dozen Syracuse University alumni who work at the beloved music app. The alumni each shared what they do at the company, and students learned about Pandora’s advertising revenues and their awesome internship program called Road Crew. The coolest thing they learned about working at Pandora? There’s a sound stage where artists often come to perform for employees in the office.


3. Exploring New Restaurants

When she wasn’t working at her internship at Quinn Public Relations over the break, PR junior Tanja Garic tried out a bunch of new restaurants with her sister, who visited her all the way from Chicago. They went to Irving Farm, which Tanja says is a great place for studying and has the best soy iced lattes in the city. Blake Lane is a great spot to get brunch for vegans, and Tanja says the pancakes and breakfast tacos are spectacular–but she recommends the poke bowl (pictured left, courtesy of @blakelanenyc) over everything else. Finally, she got dinner at the Infirmary, which she says has great cocktails and Cajun food!



4. Playing Tourist

ADV junior Ada Lam decided to be a complete New York City tourist over the break. She visited the Empire State Building and Top of the Rock, explored the New York Public Library, walked down Wall Street and saw the ‘Fearless Girl’ statue, admired St. Patrick’s Cathedral, and went on a “mini food exposition” in Brooklyn.





5. Eating Edible Cookie Dough

New York City’s Cookie DŌ is one of the most hyped dessert places in Manhattan. It serves various flavors of cookie dough that are completely edible. The texture is a mixture of ice cream and actual cookie dough. I got the brownie batter and confetti flavors. It was by far the best dessert I’ve eaten since I’ve been in New York City.




6. Going to the Movies

Finally, Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” came out last weekend, so, of course, ADV junior Saumya Vasuthevan and TRF junior Logan Piercy saw it as a perfect ending to their spring break.


Not having to worry about class was a great way to enjoy the week and do new things in New York City. Hopefully, when the weather gets warmer, all of us get to try even more new adventures!

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