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Live from New York, It’s Newhouse NYC: Exploring NBC with Professor Joy Reid

By Allison Raymond

On Wednesday, March 29th, the students of Joy-Ann Reid’s Race, Gender, and the Media class were not in class. Instead, we were inside NBC at 30 Rockefeller Center—one of the many benefits of having such an amazing teacher!

Once we cleared security and were ushered to the appropriate elevator (there are 60 in the whole building!), we entered a conference room filled with burgers and fries, which Professor Reid was so kind to order. As we ate dinner, we heard from a few guest speakers. Thomas Roberts, an MSNBC anchor, talked about the importance of diversity in the newsroom and gave us one piece of advice that really stood out to me: “Whatever you are passionate about, you can bring that into your profession—it doesn’t have to be on the side.” It was great to hear someone who is so successful encourage us to bring other passions into our work.

We also heard from Professor Reid’s boss, Yvette Miley, Senior Vice President and Executive Editor of MSNBC, who gave us advice about entering the workforce after college. She told us about the value of being able to communicate effectively and reminded us to create strong relationships with our peers.

Lastly, we got to hear from Lorie Acio, Manager of Media Relations for MSNBC. She told us about her career path (she started as a production assistant) and about her current role. She emphasized the importance of organization and prioritization in her job, since she manages so many different accounts.

After we thanked the speakers for their time, we piled into the elevators once again and began our tour. Professor Reid took us throughout the building and it was so cool to see the unfiltered version of the NBC tour! We walked through hallways, stumbled into makeup rooms, saw studios, and snuck a peek into a production room. We explored the largest studio (Studio 3A) and Professor Reid told us about set production, lighting, and the behind-the-scenes side of news.

If you follow @NewhouseNYC on Instagram, then chances are you can guess what our favorite part of the tour was. We got to stand on the SNL stage! It was a very overwhelming experience for all of us, as we thought about the countless idols that have stood where we were standing.

That night was truly amazing and one that will be hard to forget! We are so grateful to Professor Reid for showing us around, Thomas Roberts, Yvette Miley, and Lori Acio for taking the time to speak with us, Cheryl Brody Franklin for helping it all happen, and the Newhouse NYC program for making all of this possible.


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