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Get Social: Follow Along as Newhouse NYC Students Take Over Twitter, Instagram, and the Blog

Each semester, Newhouse NYC students put their social media skills to the test. Students choose to do a @NewhouseNYC Twitter takeover, @NewhouseNYC Instagram Stories takeover, or write for the Newhouse NYC blog

We welcome you to follow along—here’s what’s going on this week:


Follow TRF junior Saumya Vasuthevan, who will be documenting her day interning at Viacom on @NewhouseNYC Instagram Stories. You can be sure you’ll see a lot of work with analytics and a lot of free candy.








Like sports? BDJ junior Chris Thomsen will be live-tweeting from @NewhouseNYC to show you what it’s like to intern at CBS Sports.




At 6pm, you can expect a @NewhouseNYC  Twitter takeover from ADV junior Dan Denning documenting the Race, Gender, and the Media class’s trip to The Daily Beast.








This day is a double feature!

Follow BDJ junior Alessandra Riemer through her day as an intern at NBC on @NewhouseNYC Instagram Stories. Maybe she’ll even have another celeb sighting, like her recent run-in with Hota Kotb!



For music lovers, follow TRF junior Logan Piercey on @NewhouseNYC Twitter as he interns at Jingle Punks Music.

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