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Visiting Droga5: A Look at Non-Traditional Wall Street

By Allison Raymond and Dan Denning

ADV juniors Dan Denning and Allison Raymond are the main contributors to the Newhouse NYC blog this semester

On Thursday, April 6th 2017, Newhouse NYC students got the opportunity to visit Droga5, the award-winning ad agency located at the very end of Wall Street, surrounded by financial companies. It was very clear from the beginning that Droga5 stood out from the rest because while everyone else on the street wore business suits, Droga5 employees opted for jeans, flannels, and artistic clothing of all different styles.

While waiting for our hosts in the lounge, we flipped through Adweek magazines and watched a few of the company’s award-winning ads on the screen, from Android’s rock, paper, scissors ad to Under Armour’s “Rule Yourself” ad. Then, Jamie Congo and Katie Leon-Guerrero, both talent recruiters at Droga5, showed us around the office space. Our favorite part was definitely the neon kitchen sign that read “Bacon has electrolytes too.”

Next we traveled up 25 more floors to the conference room and met the rest of our hosts:

They each shared their career journeys, the best and hardest parts of their jobs, and advice for us.

“The rigor [at Droga5] is just so much more intense than at other agencies I’ve been at,” Anthony Mariello commented. “There is a higher bar to meet, and everyone is striving to reach it. It’s really inspiring to be around so many creative-minded people.”

Leo Wong told us about his role as an account manager. “Prioritizing multiple accounts has always been a big challenge for account people, but that comes with experience,” he explained. “But the best part is definitely being around all of these people—everyone is really passionate about work and that creates a really productive atmosphere.”

“There’s no right way to a career,” Brian Eden advised us. “You don’t have to start out at the best agency right away. It’s more important to get a mentor with someone to help you get experience in your first few years on the job.”

When we asked what we should be doing to prepare for our first jobs after graduation, Mariello’s advice stuck with us. “Be proactive and get to know people,” he said. “Learn to be your own best advocate, know what you want, and don’t settle for less.”

Thank you to everyone at Droga5 for letting Newhouse NYC students get a glimpse inside the agency!

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