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The Future of Sports and Media: Newhouse NYC’s Event with former NBA Commissioner David Stern and Edward Bleier (’51)

By Omneya Aboushanab, Newhouse NYC student and BDJ senior 

On Thursday, November 9th, Newhouse NYC hosted a conversation with former NBA Commissioner David Stern and long-time TV/movie executive Edward Bleier (’51).

At 7pm ET, Newhouse NYC‘s Fall 2017 students, along with about 50 Newhouse alumni, filled Syracuse University’s Fisher Center in New York City to listen to a riveting conversation between the two media moguls. But the talk reached far beyond the room. Since the event reached capacity so quickly, it was simultaneously live streamed on Newhouse NYC’s Facebook page with more than 2,500 views. (We invite you to watch if you haven’t already.)

Newhouse NYC director Cheryl Brody Franklin and program advisor Marisa Ramel made the event more than just a talk. From 6-7pm, students and alumni enjoyed refreshments while networking with one another. While networking can be hard for students, the setting made it simple because nothing is easier than bonding over your love for ‘Cuse. Even our guests of honor Stern and Bleier casually walked around and had conversations with various attendees.

At 7pm, Stern and Bleier began their strategic conversation surrounding the radical changes in the communications industry, including those implemented by Stern during his 30-year reign as NBA Commissioner. Stern, a fan favorite, is arguably one of the biggest and most effective executives in media and sports. And Bleier, like so many distinguished Syracuse alumni, is a media legend. The combination of the two left the audience in awe. From the conversation, it became clear that Stern is a big reason why sports and media are the way they are today–from the way sports are broadcast to how they’ve transformed over the years into an extraordinarily lucrative business.

Especially enjoyable was the Q&A portion of the evening, when audience members and Facebook Live viewers had their questions answered. Some questions centered around the NBA, obviously, but others focused on the media industry in general. A particularly popular topic was the growth in companies like Amazon, YouTube, and Twitter doubling as streaming services. Stern said that digital streaming will continue to end the ubiquity of cable in sports viewing, even predicting that Netflix will eventually try its hand in the sports world. He said that this was something the industry will have to get used to, specifically in the context of those companies bidding on NFL games now, and possibly other leagues later on.

In the back of the room, BiB Media, a Brooklyn-based production company founded by two Newhouse alumni, seamlessly ran our Facebook Live stream. A few lucky Newhouse NYC students were invited to help. I was in charge of vetting the comments section and selecting ten viewer-submitted questions that would spark the most conversation. My other two classmates, Nikki DeMentri and Logan Grossman, were also working in what we called the “command center.” They were replying to viewer questions and comments, as well as posting important snippets from Stern and Bleier’s conversation. Being that the three of us are BDJ students, it came as no surprise that we wanted a hand in the broadcast of the event.

After the talk and Q&A ended, the night didn’t. More mingling, conversations, and fan moments happened. A line of people formed around Stern, as Newhouse NYC’s sports-obsessed students couldn’t wait to grab a photo with the NBA legend. Mr. Stern and Mr. Bleier posed for plenty of pictures, while Mr. Stern showed off his customized ‘44’ basketball jersey.

It was a night to remember, and we couldn’t be more thankful for a program that provides its students with amazing opportunities like these. A huge thank you to David Stern and Edward Bleier for their wisdom, and another thank you to everyone who attended and tuned into our Facebook Live.


Tune in: Newhouse NYC presents David Stern, former NBA Commissioner, Nov. 9 at 7PM EST

David Stern, arguably the country’s most effective executive in media and sports, will have another strategic conversation with longtime TV/movie executive Edward Bleier ’51 about the radical changes facing the communications industry–including those David initiated as Commissioner of the National Basketball Association.

The event will take place on November 9, 2017 at 7PM EST at Syracuse University’s Fisher Center in NYC. The RSVP list is currently closed due to capacity constraints, but you can still follow along:


The event will be broadcast in real time on Facebook Live via Newhouse NYC’s Facebook page.

To get tune-in reminders, head to the Newhouse NYC Facebook page today and sign up to “attend” the Facebook Live event.

To watch, go to the Newhouse NYC Facebook page and click “play” on the Facebook Live video.

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4 Cool Things We Saw at Bloomberg NYC

By Omneya Aboushanab 

      1. We found a Newhouse alumna!

Well, ‘found’ is a strong word. Our fabulous Social Media professor, Ariana Finlayson, planned the whole trip, but still #newhousemafia. Megan Hess (MAG ‘11) is a Mobile and Emerging Platforms editor at Bloomberg here in NYC. She is in charge of their consumer mobile app, Bloomberg, which offers global business and finance news as well as market data and portfolio tracking tools (download it here if you don’t already have it… and turn your push notifications on). She also oversees the 20 newsletters that go out from Bloomberg’s news department.

One piece of advice that I loved from Megan was to keep a positivity log. She said that she keeps a Google Doc of random good things that happen to her at work. It’s her own little way to cheer herself up if she’s having a bad day. Megan loves her job, but she said very clearly that we can love our jobs, and still have bad days. It’s okay.

      2. We learned how to side hustle.

Megan was a Magazine Journalism major at Newhouse, but she always had a knack for the digital world. She even started her own website,, a platform she created when she graduated from college. Megan said it was her way of making sure she always had a place to write, even if she wasn’t working. The site is a compilation of stories she collected from subjects about where they work. The theme is cool and crazy jobs that not a lot of people know about.

Megan also serves as Vice President on The Board of Directors and Foundation Board of New York Women in Communications, which is the premier organization for communications professionals in the New York metropolitan area. I think it’s safe to say she’s pretty cool, and we know you’re jealous of our one-on-one. 

     3. We raided the free pantry. 

The Bloomberg building is incredible. It’s all glass and shaped in such a neat ‘U.’ The 6th floor is basically the main common area, where of course we spotted the free snacks and drinks right away. How, you ask? Well, college students and ‘free’ go together like peanut butter and jelly. They had every snack imaginable: Oreos, granola bars, and chips, oh my! OK, enough about the snacks. 

The more important part about the 6th floor is that it’s meant to be interactive. Bloomberg wants to push its employees to interact with one another even if they don’t work in the same department. They even went to great lengths making sure that the elevators don’t go to certain floors. That way you have no choice but to walk through the 6th floor. There are escalators and stairs, so you can get to where you’re going, but it just makes it a little easier to meet new people and appreciate the view that way.

The 6th floor is very vibrant and welcoming. There are fish tanks everywhere (my personal favorite, I can get lost looking at them for a long time), murals, and digital screens that update in real time. The mural of the people on the glass is meant to represent all of the different types of people that are employed at Bloomberg. I really appreciated the diversity and creativity of the individuals.

      4. We got invited to Money Talks, Bloomberg’s exclusive Facebook group

Megan spoke to us about Money Talks, a private Facebook group for Bloomberg that you have to be approved for before being able to join. It is Bloomberg’s way of targeting an audience that they felt they were missing… young people like Newhouse NYC students and females, since Bloomberg’s audience skews on the older side and is mostly male. Using social media is a clever way to try and broaden that audience. 

The group consists of about 3,000 people right now. All you have to do is ask to join via Facebook. Megan says the reason they monitor the group is so that they can reduce the amount of fake profiles that are spamming people.

Money Talks consists of stories that Bloomberg reporters write, question statuses, discussion posts, and much more. It’s just a way for readers/viewers to interact with one another and the reporters on a platform other than the mobile app or website.

As usual, it was an amazing field trip thanks to our wonderful Newhouse NYC program. A huge personal thank you to our social media professor, Ariana Finlayson, for organizing the trip for us, and another mega orange thank you to Megan Hess for welcoming us into her world post-‘Cuse.

Sawhorse Media: A Look Behind The Shorty Awards and Muck Rack

By Omneya Aboushanab

On Tuesday October 10, our Social Media class took a trip to SoHo to visit the offices of Sawhorse Media. Our host was Natan Edelsburg, Executive Vice President, who has been with Sawhorse since it was just a small startup tech company. Since then their business has grown tremendously, although they’ve remained small in staff size.

Natan gave us a very quick tour, mainly because it is a shared workspace and Sawhorse only occupies about two rows of desks. Many of you might not recognize Sawhorse Media, but I’m sure you recognize a little something called “The Shorty Awards.” Well, Sawhorse Media created and runs these awards, and will be celebrating their 10th anniversary in 2018. The Shorty Awards honor the best of social media every year, and it’s pretty incredible how big their awards show is for such a small company.

The Shorty Awards aren’t the only thing that comes out of Sawhorse. They also have an online database called Muck Rack, which is basically a search engine for journalists. It’s a place where you go to search topics, people, places, etc. It connects you with other journalists and allows you to grow your network, complete a story, or just browse.

Natan was a great host. He bought us pizza, gave us swag (stickers), and even let us take pictures with an actual Shorty Award. Aside from all of that, he really has had an amazing career. Natan stressed the importance of having what he called “side hustles.” Basically, he said that we shouldn’t just want to do one thing forever. It’s not that doing one thing is bad, but Natan emphasized that people have multiple hobbies, and it’s crucial to stay inspired so that you don’t lose interest in your day-to-day life. For example, Natan loves the tech and social side of media, but he also likes production. He’s even working on a documentary about his grandfather at the moment.

He had something to say to everyone of every major, and we truly appreciated how great this field trip was!

Facebook NYC: An Exclusive Visit with Eric Forman ‘11

By Omneya Aboushanab 

On Thursday October 5, Newhouse NYC had the chance to visit the Facebook NYC offices as part of our Social Media course with Professor Ariana Finlayson. Newhouse alum Eric Forman (ADV ‘11) was our “tour guide” and host for the evening.

In the simplest terms… it was awesome.

There are two locations for Facebook in the city, and we were able to see their new offices on Park Avenue South. Eric had been traveling for work all week, and was fresh off the plane when he came to meet us. We were able to see the workspace, the awesome pantry (where we of course stocked up on FREE snacks, because that’s music to a college student’s ears), the Instagram wall, a lifesize iPhone, and the infamous Facebook wall.


When we had the chance to sit down with Eric he spoke with us a lot about networking (something not new to Newhouse NYC… it might actually be Cheryl and Marisa’s favorite word). Not to our surprise at all, he said that networking got him his first real job, and his current job as CSM of Global Marketing Solutions at Facebook. Eric made it really clear that keeping in touch with everyone you meet is important. He referred to it as “a relationship business.” He said he especially likes keep-in-touch emails that have awkward/specific subject lines. This makes your email stand out in an inbox and is sure to get you a response!

Eric was also very clear on what we should not be doing as interns and soon-to-be graduates. This includes burning bridges. It’s crucial to turn down and leave jobs in the most professional manner, because you never know when you are going to need that person in the future. He shared his regrets, his wishes, and simply how to navigate this crazy industry we call media.

After we learned about his career path, some students were able to ask him questions, and it was clear that the ADV students loved what he had to say. I’m a BDJ student, and I still found the information very relevant.

I had the chance to live tweet the event, and it was a really fun experience. Eric was funny, and gave me a lot of great content to work with. The space was fun and colorful, so it was easy to capture. You can head over to @NewhouseNYC on Twitter to see what went down in real time.

A huge thanks to Professor Finlayson and Eric Forman for organizing such an exclusive visit for us!




Newhouse NYC Fall 2017 Semester Begins: The 5 Best Things We’ve Done So Far

By Omneya Aboushanab

The Newhouse NYC semester began a little over three weeks ago, but we’re already taking advantage of all the city has to offer. A good chunk of us started our internships in August, but some just started this week, so the level of exploring was at an all-time high! Considering we take night classes, and our internships are part-time, it leaves us with a good amount of time to be tourists. A big part of being a Newhouse NYC student is immersing yourself in the city lifestyle, and some of my fellow classmates have already done some pretty cool things. Check them out below, and be sure to follow along on our journeys on social media at @NewhouseNYC.


1. Watching the US Open

“On September 3rd my parents and I drove out to Queens on our annual trip to the US Open. It was my first time going on this trip in three years because I have been up in Syracuse during the tournament for the past three summers. So I was very excited when I realized my Newhouse NYC semester would get me there this year. It was raining during the first match, but cleared up after, so we got to experience Arthur Ashe Stadium indoors and outdoors. We got to see three matches featuring Dennis Shaovalov, one of the best young stars in the game, and then two women’s matches featuring Maria Sharapova (on her return from suspension) and Venus Williams. It was an incredible experience, and I’m looking forward to more sporting events in the city.”

Logan Grossman, BDJ Senior, Intern at MSG Live Event & Video Production

2. Sunny Day at the South Street Seaport

“Continuing on the family trend, my first weekend in New York City, I had the chance to explore the city with my sister Kelly. The South Street Seaport was extremely lively as New Yorkers made the most out of their final summer days. The grass terrace above the Watermark Bar was the perfect place to relax and capture the view of the Brooklyn Bridge. The Watermark Bar has dishes perfect for sharing while watching the boats pass by. I highly recommend the Parmesan fries! The Garden Bar on Fulton Street is one of the most popular summer spots, and was such a fun spot to take in the sun and be surrounded by beautiful greenery. After cooling down at the Garden Bar, we walked along the coast to Battery Park and saw the Statue of Liberty. There is so much to see in the Seaport area, and it was great to have the chance to explore while we still had the summer weather!”

–Julie O’Keefe, ADV Senior, Intern at Y&R


3. Meeting at the MET

“Some of us from the program decided to go to the Metropolitan Museum on a day we were lucky enough to have off from work! Since I’m from California, I had never been before. I was thinking, ‘oh, another art museum might be fun if I have nothing else to do,’ but I could not have been more wrong. It was so amazing! I had no idea how much history and culture could be packed into one building. I was overwhelmed by all of the different exhibits the museum had to offer (especially the WWI art, WOW), and I’m truly humbled by the stories behind each piece. But what I was most excited about was that The Met is a quick 20-minute walk from the Newhouse NYC dorms, and that the pay-what-you-wish system of ticketing allows people to go in for any amount. In my experience, a 20-minute walk and a $5 bill got me access to hours worth of entertainment and learning.”

–Isabella Wood, BDJ Junior, Intern at NBC News Social Media


4. Take Me Out to the Ball Game

“Last week we decided to get in the New Yorker mood and attend a baseball game. The Yankees game was a lot of fun, and even better, it didn’t break the bank. We bought cheap seats that only cost $15-$20 each, and it was just a short uptown train ride. The commute didn’t take us more than 30 minutes from EHS (Educational Housing Services), which is the dorm that most of us are living in this semester. The baseball games are a lot of fun and usually less than three hours, so it doesn’t have to take up the entire day. While we love Yankee Stadium and a good ball game, our only suggestion is to grab food outside the venue, because those prices were not college student friendly.”  

–Ben Marx, PR Senior, Intern at NBC Sports Marketing and Dan Hicks, ADV Senior, Intern at Y&R


5. Playing at Playa

“Acai bowls are almost like a staple food group in Southern California, especially if you live by the beach like I do. I’m always on the search for high-quality beach bowls ever since I moved to New York City. This past Friday, I attended the grand opening of Playa Bowls in Greenwich Village—108 Macdougal Street—which is the second location of Playa Bowls in NYC. Playa Bowls originated at Belmar Beach of New Jersey, unsurprisingly. Playa Bowls, which translates to beach bowls, makes acai, pitaya, coconut and chia pudding bowls topped with a variety of fruit combinations. I met the owner of the PB franchise, Abbey, who was so sweet and even featured me on the @playabowlsNYU Instagram! The location of this Playa Bowls is just a short walk away from Washington Square Park—perfect to eat your healthy snack and people watch.”

–Anjani Iman, BDJ Junior, Intern at Bravo & Oxygen Program Planning

Sign Up Today! NYC Networking Alumni Panel on July 19

Landing (& Succeeding At) Your First Job – Advice from Industry Pros

Calling all recent grads and summer interns: The Newhouse 44 (a team of Syracuse University graduates from a variety of fields in the communications industry) is hosting an alumni panel on July 19 in NYC, and it’s the perfect way to connect with successful alumni who want to meet you! All the details are below, so if you’re in the city, come and invite your friends. Space is limited, so sign up today to secure your spot!

Newhouse alumni from AdMonsters, BBDO, Elizabeth Arden and Finsbury will share “do’s and don’t’s” and other helpful hints on landing your first job in the media industry and succeeding once you’re there. Refreshments will be served. RSVP at

Syracuse University Fisher Center (19 East 31st Street)
Wednesday, July 19th
6:30 – 8:00pm

Panelists include:
Rob Beeler, AdMonsters
Christina Campisi, Elizabeth Arden
Annemarie Norris, BBDO
Chelsea Brown-Ferguson, Finsbury